Has Microsoft shot my operating system?

Has Microsoft shot my operating system

On 14 December 2006 sent out about 40 Christmas Greetings emails to my contacts. Up to that date my 4 yo computer worked fine.
I used it for word, excel, IE, Media Player without problem.

Received message from Yahoo inviting me to change over to latest Yahoo. I did so. Then it suggested I download new edition of Media Player ( I was on 6 ). I did so.

After that I found:
I could receive Yahoo messages but not send yahoo messages or attachments.

Contacted yahoo. They said all OK with my account. Could be problem with my software. I am a computer dummy so I went to M.S site to seek repair advice.

Apparently MS did search on my computer. I received message on screen that my Office XP 2000 was not registered.

I went looking for the business that made my computer 4 years earlier and found it had gone bankrupt.

Also I found that my burner ( default Media Player)would rip music but no longer would not burn music.

Removed Windows Explorer and Media Player and dowloaded a variety of versions but get following message-

‘Encountered an unknown error.
This can occur when another program or operating system component encounters a problem but does not communicate the nature of the problem.’
Error Code. OxCOOD11CD Condition ID. OxOOOOOOO

Asked help from a friend who knows much more about computers. He could not get it to work and said that
when M.S. found my computer had unregistered program it disabled IE and Player by disabling an exe file.

Have changed to Firefox and my emails now work OK.

*** How do I fix my Operating System ???


Error 0xC00D11CD is a Windows Media Player Codec malfunction. It seems the FOURCC and WAVE format codecs have been tampered with. Reinstall windows media player or install the appropriate codecs.

Thanks your suggestion Mr B.

When I discovered that Media Player would not burn, I removed Media Player and downloaded many versions of Media Player (including classic) but when I try to run, I get a message which says - You already have a newer edition of Media Player and I can’t run the version I’ve downloaded. Have repeated process a few times. I can’t find any other Media Player version on my computer.

Since this problem developed same time as problem with IE, and yahoo, I thought may be connected.

I have tried to use other burn programs but I am not able to burn music from old Media Player Playlists using other program.

PS. What is a simple but good burn program. Don’t like Nero.

For data:

CDBurnerXP Pro

For burning music files (mp3, wav etc) as CD Audio:


All are free, just fire up Google :slight_smile: