Has Microsoft done it? Eliminated Modchips on Live network?

I just posted the article Has Microsoft done it? Eliminated Modchips on Live network?.

It looks like Microsoft has found a way to block modded Xbox`s from their Live network. For those who don’t know what Xbox Live is: it’s a payed service to play online with your Xbox.


Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4850-Has-Microsoft-done-it-Eliminated-Modchips-on-Live-network.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4850-Has-Microsoft-done-it-Eliminated-Modchips-on-Live-network.html)

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so who cares? unlike a PC, you can’t run hacking progs to work around this. :4 :stuck_out_tongue:

Just another reason to use a PC for gaming and not a console.

Well, if it’s keeping copied games from playing, that maybe I can understand, but if it’s not letting people play with actual store bought disks on a system with a mod chip, that’s just plain lame. Invoke CD Keys, that will pretty much insure that if someone wants to play the game online, they are going to need to buy a copy. But if it’s there private network, I guess they can do what they want. (like MS doesn’t anyways)

It looks like Microsoft won the 1st round
Well if yo ask me its the 2nd round. The 1st was won by the hacking scene. And on the other hand this is the only way for MS to do something about the modchips. This means when MS build a new Xbox the hacking scene will make new modchip then MS will block the new modchip on live. and this wil go on and on and on! If you ask me its starting to look like a soap. Its always the same story and it never ends!

I posted a small topic some time back that Bill Gates R&D will find some way of killing the mod chips. They have won the war twice, all X-Boxes released after August had a different pcb. This guy is filthy rich and could ask for all current stock too be returned as do not sell anymore no matter what, failure too comply will result in a MS taking that company i.e. Currys too the cleaners :frowning: Greets too all The Diplomat :8

MS will win…

Aren’t there certain Xbox modchips with a switch that lets you turn it on and off? Doesn’t that work against this protection?

How do you propose the game work work if the chip is turned off?

>How do you propose the game work work if the chip is turned off? You know, not everybody uses the modchip to run copied games. For example some people like to run Linux on their Xbox, and for example play MAME on it :slight_smile: However I’m sure it will only be a few days before this problem is ‘solved’ :slight_smile:

CD Keys don’t stop crap. My copy of Quake III is cracked and still plays online, and I haven’t heard of any other game that has stopped all illegal copies from being played online with CD Keys. But I think people need to stop bitching and saying that we should have a right to back up the stuff they buy. MS can’t build it how they want. We need to constantly vote with our wallet for every product. If a company puts together a product that doesn’t let us back up our stuff we need to get together and boycott it and let them know that it’s going to be our way. The people are going to be taken control of by big business until the people learn how to take control of big business. Business only cares about one thing, money, money, money, money and there’s not enough zero’s in the world to sate their greed.

You’ve made a great point standing on consumer’s side. But biased, what if you are a seller? Lose money for customers?? They won’t care if the store dies today or not!

I wish the people who mod their XBOX’s the best of luck at getting around Microsoft’s protection online.

If I was the seller I wouldn’t treat all my customers like theives when they may just want to make backups of something I sold them.

If they charged a fair price for the software they wouldn’t have to worry about piracy…but until they get over the greed, I won’t buy originals!