Has Liteon actually continued the Benq line



Are there any new Lite-On DVD burners that are a continuation of and really have the qualities the BenB 1650/55 line?
And that read as well and burn as well?

I know I asked this in another thread, but it just got burried and not noticed.



No, there haven’t been any new Nexperia-chipset drives yet. But the current MediaTek-chipped LiteOns with their “BenQ-like” firmwares are just as good. :wink:


:iagree: Yes, I agree. I’ve been running some tests between the 1655 (BCIB) and the 20A1P (LL06) and scanning in the BenQ drive and the results are very similar, even with very poor quality media. The LiteOn is much faster with OHT/WOPC on (using FastBurn firmware or at 16x) and the BenQ slightly faster with OHT/WOPC off. Off course the LiteOn can also do 18x and 20x burning as well. :wink:

I’m very intrigued that the burns from the current line of LiteOn drives now scan so well in the Nexperia BenQ drives. What conclusion can we draw from this?


Actually I’ve noticed that BenQ 1655 with latest BCIB firmware is good to scan even Lite-On 165x6S burns, especially if scanning at 4x CLV with the BenQs. Compared to the Lite-On scans, it doesn’t show much differences. Maybe the PBDS engineers tweaked the BenQ (and Lite-On) firmwares to work nicely together?


Interesting. Yes you have to believe that’s what’s happened. :iagree:


I’ve never experienced an issue with scanning my Liteon 6S burns in my 1640 or 1655 (Only when jitter was 12%+ but even burns from my Liteon rarely reach such high levels).


Many have tried to blame high jitter for the LiteOn scanning issues in the BenQ but this has pretty much been ruled out. In a lot of cases the BenQ was showing much higher jitter than any other drives capable of doing jitter scans.


Let me put put it this way then - my Benq 1640 and 1655 have had no more issues scanning my 6S burns than my Liteon itself, only when my Benq drives REPORT 12%+ jitter does it become an issue, and jitter reported this high on my 6S burns is rare. There’s really been no proof of one drive over another when it comes to ‘accurate’ jitter reporting and I’m not inclined to believe one drive’s reporting of jitter over the next in terms of accuracy, if nothing else I strive for getting the lowest REPORTED jitter levels in my burns whether I’m measuring in my Liteon or my Benq.


PBDS (Philips/BenQ xx) engineers tweaking Litey firmwares? :bigsmile:

While we are on this subject, maybe Lite-On engineers tweaked their firmware to the better, producing lower jitter. :wink:


I don’t know how this takeover is being handled organizationally, but looking from the outside its sure seems as if firmware development for the latest Lite-Ons has gone to BenQ.



(I know this post may be offensive to some.)


thank you very much


I must admit that it isn’t as bad as I thought in the first second… at least the LiteOn 18A1P seems to support C1 scanning properly now, from what I can see from the scans posted here :eek:


You’re basing your conclusion on rather flimsy evidence, my dear Watson. :wink:

You could be right, but one scan like that isn’t enough to convince me that it reports C1=BLER=E11+E21+E31 instead of C1=E31 as in the 5S and 6S series drives.


I think LiteOn are doing a fantastic job, as their drives just keep getting better. Also supporting the current BenQ software suite in the BenQ models was a very smart move. I’d say LiteOn learned some tricks from the BenQ engineers and I also think you will find that Wind is playing a major part in it as well. :wink:


I am a BenQ 1640 & 1650 owner (numerous of each actually). The burn quality I find I get from the 18A1P is close to the BenQ. But the LiteOns needs some more work to get the average I get on the BenQ burners. I find I am constantly going back to my BenQs as they give me better burning results.