Has It Or Not?

Hi everyone!

New firmware and a new version of DVDInfo Pro is released. Now according to it in the change log the new firmware supports Pi/Pif Scanning for NEC 3500. Now the following line also says that to enable this firmware version 2R8 is required. Does anybody have this firmware and if they do can they confirm that the scanning is posssible with 3500 and how good it is for the same?


P.S: http://www.videohelp.com/tools?tool=210#history

It has the info I am talking about :slight_smile:

It says “NOTE: FW 2R8 is required.” I have a registered version of Info Pro that says I need fw 2R8 when I try to test a DVD with my ND-3520A. I think at this point we are assuming that these new software updates that allow PI/PIF error testing on NEC 35X0’s are just in advance for the new firmware that has yet to be released. So to answer the question at the head of the post: no, the new firmware has not been officially released yet. When it does, I’m sure it will be here first, so bookmark it.