Has google lost the plot?

As Ssseth has pointed out, google hasn’t seemed to be quite as efficient at rooting out those little snippets of information that we require recently.

Has Google lost the plot? Or is it as good as ever, and everyone’s brain has gone fuzzy?

Square voting holes!!!

Brain fuzzy.


I have discovered yet another awesomeness in google! You can type define:[stuff]!
Google rocks more than ever!

google needs to update the spiders a little more there are so many dead sites on the search results especially images (i wont say what I search for ahem). The only sites that are regulary updated are the people who pay and thats lame. I remember the days when search.com was the place to be. Ahhh

Well yes, I suppose I have seen too many dead image-links lately…

Methinks that as people learn about how Google works, certain enterprising folks are going to try to exploit the system… which degrades Google’s effectiveness, I guess.

My biggest gripe with Google is that commercial products show up way too much. Oh well.

But Google still rocks. :wink:

Air there is even more neat stuff it can do.

I agree it’s not as good as it used to be. I use the google newsgroup search or www.teoma.com for more advanced technical searches. I usually find the answer much quicker that way.

And there’s even more neat stuff it can do.

Yup, it’s pretty nice. For general searchers and other functions I still use google on a daily basis. But for more complex searches it’s teoma all the way :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you provide an example of the search when you used Teoma instead of Google?

No, not specifically because I don’t have an exact error message or specific term to search for at the moment. But what I mean is just that. If you have a very specific PC related question then Teoma will be my first search. Since it doesn’t just work off a linking search system it really seems to come up with more specific results rather than targeted ones. Give it a shot next time you have such a question. I first read about it in a PC magazine and have been using it ever since.

But like I said for a general everyday search I usually still use Google.

I guess I see what you mean. Teoma seems to be more condensed or concentrated (don’t know how to say it :wink: than Google. I just tried to search for a typical M$ BSOD with the following info given

Technical information:***stop:0x000000d1(0x0000000X6,0x00000002,0x00000000,
0x F991971B)

***ndis.sys-address F991971B base at F9919000,DATE STAMP 3d6de4c3

I used the following search query (pretty straight forward one) for both engines

ndis.sys + stop:0x000000d1

Google provides a bunch of results from forums where people reported similar problem. I could go and see if anybody posted a link to a M$ KB article, but most likely it would be something from MSDN. Teoma seems to be less affected by caching numerous online boards. The fifth link brought to a page with a list of M$ KB articles, and from where I was just one click from the target.
I’ll bookmark Teoma, thanks, and will try to use again.

P.S. I could’ve achieved the same results by going directly to M$ KB and searching for

0x000000d1 AND Ndis.sys


0x000000d1 OR Ndis.sys

The first query wouldn’t work, because the stop error ends with 1d, not with d1 as was reported :wink: I think the best search is the one you know how to use.