Has google died?

Must have done.

I see lots of posts here asking questions which a few minutes googling would answer. Come on peeps - at least make an effort before asking someone else to do the leg work ;o)

Yes but there are still a lot of people out there who do not realize you can find almost anything by searching google or yahoo so they go to forums and ask

Forums are much friendlier than Google…It is ok to ask a question, whether it’s a stupid one, or, just n proper,n even nicer when peeps get an Answer that Helps them…
Without Newbies there would be no Forums, ‘or’ Forums would be Dull n Uninteresting.
I’m Greatfull for Forums such as “cdfreaks”…
Take Care All.

What I usually do is google the thing that I am interested in (hardware or software) and look at several web pages about the topic then come to this forum.

The problem with just google for information is that you get reviews that are good and reviews that are bad and a lot of the reviews are very biased. I like to come here and talk to people who actually use the product to see what the story really is.