Has Dvd Shrink become obsolete?



Im having trouble burning movies lately that are newer (or recently rereleased) Ive made many coasters as it only fails shortly after burning however several movies I have burned in the past still pose no trouble…So what Im asking is it time to bite the bullet and buy new software that stays up to date or is it my computer that is screwing up (I recently replaced my burner as the other was tired)?


You could use DVD FAB Decrypter(the free version), and still use shrink to compress it to a DVD5. Welcome to the forum Bluesman17

Edit: As you know dvd shrink is no longer updated so new protections make it crap out, just click dvd fab above and on the bottom right of the page you can get the free version. I would recommend buying the platinum version after the 30 day trial it is worth every cent.


As a general rule, DVDShrink fails to decrypt and rip the newer movies to the hard drive rather than waiting till you try to burn them to disks.

Jethro’s suggestion of DVDFab HD Decrypter is a good one though, as it is just about the only effective decryption/ripping program left that is free to use. http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm
But I’m not sure decryption is the main problem here.

Try ripping the movie with this program, then start Shrink and hit Open Files…navigate to the movie files you just put on the hard drive and see if they need to be compressed to fit a blank dvd. Then try burning to a disk in your usual way.

If this fails, you might want to check the DMA status of your drive.

It might help to know the burner you are using and the blank dvd mid codes. Load a blank dvd into the drive first. You can use a free program called Nero Info Tool to find the burner make and model (top of the opening window) and click on the Disc tab to see the Manufacturer ID code of the disks.

If the DMA status is good, you may simply be using poor quality disks.


Well I tried the Free version of dvd fab and it found UOP protection and removed it, Im going to try and burn the movie again…The burner Im using now is a LG HL-DT-ST DVD RAM GSA-H54L. So lets keep our fingers crossed


I still use DVD Shrink for 9 of 10 movies.

The rest are handled by AnyDVD, sometimes with DVD Shrink, sometimes with CloneDVD2.


[QUOTE=Nemesys;2093747]I still use DVD Shrink for 9 of 10 movies.

The rest are handled by AnyDVD, sometimes with DVD Shrink, sometimes with CloneDVD2.[/QUOTE]

Are you sure about that the 9 of 10 movies? Cause Anydvd by default is a running taskbar program??? Unless user stop it from runing. Just as mentioned by Kerry56 said dvd shrink wont work on newer movies? How old are the movies your referring to? From what I read alot of users have Anydvd running using with shrink, nero, and other program that can’t decrypt the newer protection. That’s what makes Anydvd a very versatile program. And allows for HCDP playback as well.


Rip “Main Movie” With DVDfab Compress with DVDShrink no troubles getting the file burned


If you have AnyDVD running in the background then Shrink is still a good tool, especially if you choose to burn with ImgBurn, in my opinion anyways.


I agree Kipper. I still use DVDShrink as part of my regular routine when backing up dvds. AnyDVD to break encryption, then open with Shrink to see how much compression is necessary. Most of the time I use DVDRebuilder, but if the compression is a trivial amount, I’ll go ahead and use Shrink.

Having said that, there are some newer movies that cause some problems using Shrink. [I]Vantage Point[/I] did some strange things when ripped by Shrink/AnyDVD. PowerDVD wouldn’t play the files off the hard drive though VLC would. Even using FixVTS didn’t help.
So there are occasional movies that are problematic with Shrink, even with AnyDVD.