Has DL media failed?

Cheapest I have seen DL media is £3.50 for a single (2x Traxdata) disc.

But I am not tempted at that price.

Virtually any new product when introduced will be introduced at the highest price at which the manufacturer or manufacturers can generate the most profit. As competition enters the fields, the prices drop. The rate at which prices drop is a function of several factors including the amount of competition and maturity of the manufacturing techonology.
Vitrually every new manufacturing process undergoes improved efficiencies with time as a result of technological improvements or process improvements. This is generally termed “the learning curve.”

I think it will all depend on the cost of the DL media in the near future. Currently I can get a tub of decent SL discs for around £5 and for the same price ONE DL disc!

Also dont forget that alot of people will be doing backups of their DVDs and would want the highest quality possible with no compression once Big screen Tvs ‘42"+’ (which are dropping in price dramatically in the UK at least) are common everywhere. I have seen backups of DVDs on 32" screens and they look great. I have also seen a backup on a 43" plasma screen and it wasnt that great.

No, not that players wont play them, I was saying few DVD burners work well with DVD+R9 media.

Ben :slight_smile: