HAs BTC 1004IM problems with burning Audio CDs?

OK i checked today to copy a normal standart Audio CD.
The first one was ok but my CD PLayer dont likes it O.o.
The second try was horrible while the burner burned the CD its stopped at 80% and nothing responded the DVD-Rom and the Burner were blocked and didnt open or response to any of my Tries to open them O.o
Is there any Problem and i havent heard about it yet ?
Another annoying Problem i tried to copy an Audio CD on the Fly with CLoneCD and i was shocked it went wrong
because the software hooked up and the burning process wasnt started O.o
Weird im right now confused and dont know what ive done wrong …

Originally posted by Clany
HAs BTC 1004IM problems with burning Audio CDs ?

Not that I know of, at least not in principle.

However - what you wrote reminds me of some difficulties I had when mine was new. It would plainly refuse to write an Audio CD which was readable past 46 per cent of the disk length. It turned out that my VIA chipset IDE drivers were to blame; ever since I deinstalled them, the drive works like a charm. nVidia drivers don’t have the best reputation either. If I were you, this is where I’d start looking.

And as for copying on the fly - oh well… why am I not more surprised that this is giving you trouble?

HTH, Martin A

hmm ok i try the driver deinstallation and the burning with out on the fly ^^’’