Has anyone used the Teac p-55 Thermal disc printer?



I’m thinking of buying one, and I didn’t see any mention of it anwhere here, but it’s really expensive ($5,000) and although I’ve recieved some samples of hi-res labels printed with it (which are extremely fantastic, I might add), I’d love to hear from someone who’s actually used it, as information on it is limited.

So, anyone?


Aw, come on guys! You guys are experts on this stuff! SOMEBODY must have used this thing!


I have an Rimage Everest II (similar to the Teac) and it is fantastic. I requested samples of the Teac output and compared to the Teac it is pretty well the same thing. Printing is fast once the unit spits out the first print (the next print starts inside the machine before you insert the next blank disc).


The TEAC P-55 is similar to the Everest only. I have four systems using the TEACs and one stand alone Everest. The Everest hasn’t had any major problems.
The Teac printers have went back several times for major problems.

But, I’ve ran over 400,000 discs on the 4 Teac printers I have. The Everest has probably only seen about 100,000.

With both printers, you must keep them clean and well maintained.


Well, I guess what questions do you have. I have used both the Rimage and Teac systems extensively.


Still in the market for one of these? I can get my hands on a 2nd hand one, with the full robotics, it was only used for a year by a company that closed down.

Its been moth balled, but its in full working order and comes with everything.

Make me an offer


We have a Rimage Everest III - I think they were a little cheaper to run than the Teac P-55. There are also ‘Compatible’ aftermarket ribbons available for the Rimage. Not sure about the Teac.


Where are Compatible aftermarket ribbons available for the Rimage available?!


There is/was a company out there that was making these. They only worked on EI/EII and select EIII. I’m not sure if they’re still around. It honestly wasn’t worth anyones time. The print quality was horrible with bad peel up on the edges, dull colors and lots of drop outs. They had an extremely high wax consintration that lead to pre-mature print head failures to boot.


i have an everest 600 auto printer, i am having a hard time finding reasonably priced compatible media, especially silver top ty…can anyone help, thanks!


[QUOTE=cmsduplication;2408350]i have an everest 600 auto printer, i am having a hard time finding reasonably priced compatible media, especially silver top ty…can anyone help, thanks![/QUOTE]
what is reasonably priced?

The Everest does require a decent disc so you don’t tear the surface off.

Have you thought about the Teac P-55 with a the

VersaMax ribbon? now that can print on just about anything.


The VersaMax is neat, just kind of $$.

If you’re looking for TY I’d try www.mediasupply.com or www.supermediastore.com


It’s extremely frustrating which ever way you go. Unless you can afford both the TEAC and the Rimage you WILL feel like you are missing out on something.

I bought the TEAC. The Photo ribbon (using TY) produces the best photos on discs that I have ever seen…it is definately better than the Everest. The Versamax does give you flexibility that you don’t get with Everest (but use that and it’s not Photo dye sublimation) . I would be 100% happy if I didn’t know that I was paying almost 50% more for ribbons than those Everest printers. See. You can’t have the best of both worlds, so you need to know your market/needs and what’s most important.


The costs should be around the same. I take it you have to buy your consumables (ribbons) from Europe or the US?


No. I buy ribbons in my country (Australia). I buy wholesale (I also resell) so I know the cost comparrison. The TEAC is a fair bit more even when you consider that the transfer ribbons are not included with the Everest. I mean compared to the Photo ribbon and of course there is no TEAC compatible (cheaper third party) ribbons as there are for Everest.


That’s excellent information, thank you :slight_smile:


I missed a critical part in this: the ribbons for the Everest are thermal retransfer.

The Teac offers two kinds of ribbons: Photo and ‘standard’ which are thermal retransfer. The photo are dye sublimation which the Rimage Everest does not support. The Dye sub ones are a lot more expensive. Standards are in line with the Everest.
So we have to be careful when we are comparing because the Teac has more options then the Rimage everest.

I believe the VersaMax ribbon is also dye sublimation just not photo quality.


Only the Photo ribbon uses Dye Sublimation, the others use Thermal Re-Transfer.

It’s still more expensive for the TEAC using Versamax or Colour CMYK than it is for the Everest but not by more than 10%. However there are compatible ribbons for the Everest that make it a whole lot more attractive financially to use them. I have not seent he quality of cheaper ribbons though so I can’t offer a real comparrison. But yes, the Photo costs considerably more, apples and oranges perhaps, although customers never care too much about details only dollars.


To: on2dvd

Hi, I am interested in Purchasing thermal printers. But still confused which one to look for. I consider about Teac P-55C or Rimage everest. My question is:

  1. Which is better in terms of resolution quality?
  2. Which one is cheaper in terms of cost per disc printed?
    3)I heard about Rimage printer can use a cheaper kind of ink ribbon. Does the cheaper ribbon affect the quality of printing?
  3. people say that the cost of print is cheaper than ink jet printing. Is it true?
  4. you sell the printers?

Thank you.

  1. The Everest is now 600X600 DPI, the P55 is 400X400
  2. The Everest has a cheaper cost per print
  3. The knock off ribbons seem to be very picky on media and cause a lot of peel up.
  4. The cost per print on inkjet can be quite a bit cheaper becuase the ink coverage will determine the print cost. A E600 or P55 will have a fixed print cost not matter how much color is applied to the disc