Has anyone used the Playo DL discs?

This time, you are perfectly right!
Sure, this media may perform well - but it won’t perform well in all drives, and it might not be the best for archival life. I’d still buy Verbatim anyway.

Fake Ricoh disc does not mean that they are on par with Ricoh performance, quality or compatibility - they, in fact, can vary more than any Ritek disc!

The only problem with Ritek DL media is thats its bad 99% of the time.

Why are Verbatim the only ones who can get DL media right? I’m looking forward to seeing TY’s DL media, but only if it comes in the + variety, then maybe Verbatim will have some proper competition.

Because they introduced and co-developed it?

Yes i know, It was a rhetorical question, i wasn’t looking for an answer.

Thanks anyway though :smiley:

I see lots of assumptions based on little fact. Ridata sometimes sells RitekD01 and sometimes RICOHJPN. Ritek is not Ricoh, so they must be selling fake RICOHJPN. Let me look that up in the dictionary. Yup. They must be.

If someone was selling disks packaged and labelled as Verbatim when in fact they were some other brand, then that is fake. These may even be sanctioned by Ricoh to be made by Playo for all we know.

Ridata is a brand name, not a manufacturer.
Your analogy therefore does not work.

Probably chinese ?
Were copyright means the Right to copy the product !

or involved with the sales of media. Let me say this the most creative defending statements allways come from the people who sell the junk with fake MID. Fake is correct to say in this case.
Because Ricoh hasn’t supplied the stamper and it’s a +R disc.
And incase of you thinking of the wild theory that Ritek produced it in china afterall ritek produces media in China I can say that they didn’t made these.

Well CMC seems to be able to make a ok disc (even outperforming Verbatim in crap magazines test like pc consument) that is if it’s ok supported. But the others. Infomedia I don’t know, Ritek I think are well known, TY crap supported at this time, AML even worse then crap supported, Prodisc makes ritek look good ! and MBIL and Maxell are not known yet. But maxell is -R again which makes me have low hopes.

See this link for an example of real fakes:

Borrowing a media code for compatibility is not the same thing.

Are we going to see a review on these or have the witch hunters scared everyone away?

Fake, counterfeit, impersonation, “borrowed” (stolen), etc … same thing.

Not completely the same. :rolleyes:

But still wrong enough for compannies like:
Maxell, Mitsubishi, Taiyo Yuden, Sony, Ritek, TDK to take actions against code abuse. (and most times with succes !)

So hows the quality? Can someone translate the graph?


From the read-back (Read Transfer rate tests) one drive (PX-712A) failed to read the disc half way but BenQ drive reads it fairly good. From the Disc quality scan graphs, for simplicity just read the “Quality score”. 84 and 92% quality score is not bad for a DL. Overall, the quality is “OK”. But YMMV if the disc is burn in another burner.

How about the notorious GQ in Fry’s using Sony Code? is GQ Fake Sony as well?


Thanks for the input Zevia. “Ok” quality for this price leader. How does it match up to there brands?

Can someone please post Memorex & Samsung DL image in BenQ just to compare?



The GQ’s are made by Lead Data.
Lead Data is allowed to use Sony MID.
The GQ’s are most likely what didn’t pass through sony quality standards for some reason.

Against my better judgement I bought 20 of these discs.
So far, I’ve tried to burn 3 of them with my 1640 (BSLB).
All three were coasters.
When I can find the time (2.4 is slow!) I’ll try the
1650 (BCDC) on them, but basically I think
I wasted my money. :frowning: :Z

Are they as bad as these?

Care to share some scans? I’m expecting a shipment of Playo’s at the end of next week. I’ll post some scans from my burner collection at that time. If I can get results like Zevia I’ll be happy.

However I wonder if Zevia got the good stuff since they sent it for review and the rest of us get the junk?

Maybe one day we’ll get Verbatim DL’s for 50 cents each and this nightmare will be over.

Worse - my burns failed to complete, so no scans
are possible. :frowning:

…However I wonder if Zevia got the good stuff since they sent it for review and the rest of us get the junk?

Could be.

Maybe one day we’ll get Verbatim DL’s for 50 cents each and this nightmare will be over.

That would sure be nice. :slight_smile:

Chuck44, i would try the latest 1640 firmware,BSRB, it’s reported to have the latest updates for DL disc’s, i ordered 20 from meritline this morning.