Has anyone used the Playo DL discs?

Nice find. Yeah, as soon as Ricoh and China were seen in the same sentence, I knew something didn’t jive.

And if only they were sold somewhere other than Meritline of all places. That doesn’t help their cause :slight_smile:

Still, I think all would be forgiven if they can turn out cheap good quality DL media. The market is starving for it.

<img src=“http://dvd-r.jpn.org/media/min/RICOH_DLP24x.jpg”>

<img src=“http://dvd-r.jpn.org/media/min/PLAYO_PDL24x.jpg”>

Are Ricoh CD-R MIC or MIT? Although it’s unrelated, most Taiwanese manufacturers like Ritek, CMC and Prodisc moved a big part of their CD-R facilities to mainland China.

Hmm… so we shouldn’t even bother to use this media…

Considering Ritek produces RICOHJPN media, I would say basically that anything is possible… Really made in China? Still could be genuine IMO. Lower quality than under the Ricoh brand? No suprise there, SL RICOHJPN can vary greatly depending on batch and brand. Regardless, if the two scans above are a typical result out of the Playo discs, the results are not good and, whether fake or legit, poor results are poor results.

You have a point there kg. Just because they’re MIC doesn’t necessarily mean they are not legit Ricoh. Verbatim MCC is outsourced all over the place.

The packaging and disks look professional enough. Still it would be nice to have the whole story.

Zevia, can you post the stamper code and serial number from one of those discs? I’m not familiar with Ricoh’s DL discs, but I know what the stamper codes an serial numbers from their SL discs are like so I am guessing it should follow a similar format. This might settle the fake vs low grade argument.

Plextor PX-760SA TLA 0103 FW 1.03
RICOHJPND00 (2.4x DVD+R DL) burned @4x
Playo branded Made in China

PoweRec enabled
AutoStrategy ON (Forced)

  • Plextor PX-760SA burned the disc twice at its rated speed.
  • Lite-On SHM-165P6S scan looks good and within specs.
  • My sensitive PX-712A which I use often in reviews shows read back problem, not a good sign.
  • However BenQ DW1655 read it back with minimum problem and should be fully readable.

Would you mind posting a Disc Quality test using CD-DVD Speed on the BenQ? For some reason the PIF totals don’t seem right with the kprobe graph posted. It may be I’m not used to looking at kprobe graphs :slight_smile:

The lack of a big dip at the center of the BenQ TRT test is usually a positive sign for DL media.

It says DVD+R DL L0 1230-R.
There is also a very small code in the middle but I cant read it well, it says IFP1 HAD01.

I guess we’re not going to get the CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality test? I’d order a pack myself for testing but you can only order them through Meritline. Uggghhhh… I’d need more incentive. Like marching bands going up and down my street singing the praises of this disk.

Sorry I missed your post above. Ideally it should be scan with Plextools/Plextor or KProbe/Lite-On which was posted above. In my experience, BenQ scans on Plextor burn will mostly disagree with the other two scanners mentioned but I will post the scan as soon as it’s available. :wink:

I would say fake.

Play-o first batch had AML mid and support was crap.

Now since Play-o and Ritek have a quite bad relationship and Ritek would be the only companny who could produce these Ricoh disc’s.

Serials and stampers are not ritek/Ricoh like for these.

So I think it’s 100% safe to call these fake.

Thanks Dakhaas, it was my initial suspicion when I read the label Made in China and got RICOHJPND00.

Anyway, here are a set of new scans done with Lite-On/CD-Speed, BenQ/CD-Speed, and Plextor/Plextools. I rescan the same disc since it was put face down on my flatbed scanner to scan the serials. :doh:

Interestingly, they all show same trend of PIF levels.

Thanks for the scans Zevia. I think the BenQ quality scan comes pretty close to the Plextools version. I’m glad to see both scans. The Plextools graph was not easy to interpret without the other graphs for comparison.

I think these are reasonable scans for budget media. I’ve burned quite a few Ritek and RicohJPN D00. Here are some scans of the Ricoh’s sold under the Ridata brand:

As you can see, I found them quite variable. I found with budget DL media, as you get closer to filling the 8gb capacity, problems at the layer break increase dramatically. Considering you filled the disk for this test, the scans look very reasonable. Obviously not in the MKM 001 class, but it does seem a step above the Ritek DL media.

Regarding the media code, I think it’s premature to be passing judgement considering all the outsourcing going on, and how much is being made in China these days,.


Even if a duplicate media code is being used, is there anything wrong with that as long as the brand name is plainly different?

I’ll be glad to hear any facts on the matter (rather than all this speculation), but so far these disks look like reasonable budget DL media.


The code is almost certainly fake. Especially because of the ifpi code which is used by all the fake media ive used.

In my experience, I’ve noticed IFPI codes mostly, possibly exclusively, on China/Hong Kong dye-based media, with both fake and legit media codes. Pressed discs I’ve never considered their country of origin. It may just be that essentially all media out of China has IFPI codes, legit media included. While the results aren’t great, remember Ritek’s current reputation and variability in quality control. Put it this way, these are burning better than quite a few Ritek DL discs I’ve seen and better than some RICOHJPN DL scans I’ve seen. If they ARE fake, they are basically matching and possibly beating Ritek at their own game in terms of quality, not that that is saying a whole lot. My Playo brand AML002 and UME01 both burn pretty nice, better than much of the current Ritek and RICOHJPN media out there. If they are fake, naturally I would suspect they are coming from the same source and they appear to have a decent grasp on actually producing decent media. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s with this “let’s be nice” political correctness junk?
It’s fake.
It’s devious.
It’s misleading.
And in some places it’s outright illegal.

I think the word fits perfectly. :cop:

Yeh i know the ifpi codes are used on legit media too. But not much, and almost certainly not by Ricoh. My AML002 are great too, some burns are much better than my expensive media.

I agree with you about Ritek. I’d prefer a fake ricoh disc anytime over RitekD01 :Z