Has Anyone Used SpeedUpMyPC 2.0?


Just got an email offer for SpeedUpMyPC 2.0 for $18

Wondering if anyone has used it and what your thoughts were about the programs performance-



Direct for Smartcomputing.com:
Speed Up My PC addresses some of the flaws that have plagued Windows users for years, including memory leakage (loss of memory that occurs when programs do not release all the memory they were using at closing), inefficient Internet settings, and bloated startupmenus (where too many programs have set themselves to open at startup regardless of whether you need them). Speed Up My PC also has anticrash technology that helps you recover when a program or system error causes Windows to freeze. The one problem we found in testing Speed Up My PC is that performance enhancements degrade after a few days of constant operation. If this occurs with your PC, rebooting should fix the problem.

Ironically, some users with fast, newer systems report that Speed Up My PC reduces performance. This problem is likely due to conflicts between performance tweaks applied by Speed Up My PC and those made by the manufacturer or Windows itself. Therefore, if your system is already running well, Speed Up My PC may not be necessary (and may even be detrimental). However, if you have an older or sluggish system, Speed Up My PC may be just the solution you need.

Yo Rob-

Good info!! - thanks Bra-




It is a complete ripoff. All “memory managers” are. Any program that claims to fix memory leaks in windows is a festering piece of crapware at best, or something that will actually HURT your system at worst.

Just say no.

As for system cleanup, that WILL speed your machine up, but there’s freeware to help you with that. Ask around.