Has Anyone Used "Registry Booster" Program-?


Got a email ad offering “Registry Booster” for $20 and was wondering if any fellow freaks had experience with this software-

Any thoughts would be appreciated-eh!


Never heard of it :slight_smile:

Me either but I think generally if it’s a cold e-mail outa the blue I’d be vary wary of it. Might be spyware or worse like that damned Spyfalcon that install fake viruses and popup crap then offer to fix everything if you buy the full program.
Do some googling and see what you find from other users out there.

Do your own searching and try some trial versions of different programs. There are several out there that don’t solicit you with an email. Spam? I use Registry Healer http://www.zoneutils.com/regheal/index.htm , an industrial strength cleaner which cost me about the same as your offering. Registry Healer has a demo mode which allows you to do some cleaning but only allows a few registry items to be repaired at a time. You can use it as long as you want in the trial mode. This is the tool you need to get rid of all entries from intrusive programs like RealAudio player and AOL, both of which leave dozens if not hundreds of entries scattered through the registry even after uninstalling them (“free” included with my Dell computers – thanks a lot, Dell :Z ). I tried several other registry tools and settled on this one. I have not located a freeware (maybe Easy Cleaner ? – do a search) cleaner other than the Microsoft tool, which works with WINXP as well as earlier versions – do a search for MSregclean.exe or regclean.exe or Microsoft registry cleaner. regards, gamma1

Registry First Aid or TuneUp Utilities - the best of the best.


Thanks for all the replies and comments-

This prompted a search and I came across a free program called “Easy Cleaner” - and it works great-eh!

Yes I have used it nice program

I have never heard of “Registry Booster” but my experiences with Registry cleaners and enhancers is that not a single one of them are worth the media they are installed onto.
Registry cleaners DO NOT provide any significant performance gains. Actually, I’ve never used a Registry cleaner that did not end up screwing up at least one of my installed programs.

Take my advice for what it’s worth, the only way to safeguard against erroneous entries in your Registry is to install ONLY programs you absolutely need.
Avoid installing beta software and other garbage programs just to test them out. If you do not have a specific need for a program, do not install it on your system.

This way you will have less Registry clutter.

I have used registry first aid and registry booster and never had a problem with either.
I have had others cause some problems but that has been a while back.

I’m using Registry Booster from Uniblue and I’m happy with it. It gets the job done. Still, I recommend CCleaner (it’s free): http://www.ccleaner.com/

If you still want to buy Registry Booster and your email offer is not available anymore, you may want to try this link: http://www.downloads32.com/discounted-registry.htm

On the same page you can find AMUST registry cleaner, which is another good app. Anyway, playing with registry may be dangerous…

yep, its pretty good.

some good deals on the site :clap: