Has anyone used Fullreleases.com?

while searching for some torrent sources I realized that i was directed to Fullreleases.com :a
this site seems to be a fake torrent-source site asking for your membership. i discovered one THING about this search engine, whatever software name you enter (even if you invent something new, try “lickmytech” for instance), you will find every possible match about this non-existing software in their non-existing database. So, just stay away from this site…

Hi All,

Joined this forum so I could make you aware…

I noticed an old post on this forum (last year) regarding ‘fullreleases.com’. In the thread, someone mentioned that they had joined the site for $29.95. I was about to join earlier today but then thought better of it, thinking it might be a scam. I’ve just had an email, as follows:

Our records show that you have created an account with Fullreleases.com, however you have not submitted a receipt for to complete the membership. If you are not the creator of this account, please click the deleteme link at the bottom and your account and email will instantly be deleted.

If you have not yet paid, for the next 48 hours you will be able to join for just one dollar, lifetime access to Fullreleases.com, by following the link below.

In case you have misplaced your login information, it is provided for you below.

Username: xxxxx
Password: xxxxx

Follow the URL below to use the promo:

This special is only valid for the next 48 hours.

definitely a scam, then, and a desparate one at that!

just thought you guys ought to know.


BTW, if anyone has actually joined this site then please contact me, as I have details of a fantastic opportunity involving $20million in cash that my dead uncle’s cousin needs to get out of the country and transferred to a small village in Africa…:wink:

Hi to anyone else reading this thread.

See my post earlier today. Steer well clear, it’s a scam!

yes it is another scam for people thinking they are getting a heck of a deal I wonder how much money these sites pull in a week it must be a lot cause they are all over the net. :cool:

At a first glance, the website looks tempting to sign up to, especially with the lack of pop-up advertising, ActiveX content, etc. However, I done a few quick tests and can confirm that the site is simply doing anything it can to get unsuspecting visitors to sign up. The website uses a technique many scam search engines use, where it hosts “search result” pages for search engines to crawl. As a result, when users search for these keywords on Google later on, they end up with FullReleases’s search result pages showing up as one or more results. :doh:

As burker mentioned above, it looks like no matter what is typed in their search field, it comes up with results, including a few made up software names where Google returns nothing for. It also makes me wonder what those who fall for signing up may actually end up downloading, if what they have been searching for simply does not exist! :eek:


Full Releases is a warez site. Not to mention a big rip off.

IMO no internet service that demands money for warez can be trusted.

It’s a big scam. Stay away from it.

O that’s very kind of you to tell us ,thanks .

I also registered on this site just to post about this. Today because the site mentioned above seems to be down for some reason.

I bought a membership to the site. But it wasn’t how you think. When you apply for a membership, they tell you to buy a membership at a pornography site of their choosing. Once you do that, they tell you to mail them your user name and password for the site so they can verify you actually bought a membership. After verification, they e-mail you your password for their website; which you CANNOT change. This gives you access to close to a million bittorrent files. A few things to keep in mind when doing this:

-I managed to buy a $3.99 trial membership at one of the pornography sites, then cancelled it immediately after purchasing so my card wouldn’t get charged.

-After using my card for that purchase, I cancelled it as well and got a new one issued from my bank.

-The whole operation is shady, so ask yourself if it’s worth it.

-The actual site you get access to has most everything you can think of. TV, movies, music, games, software. All are more than likely pirated. Most all of the software you download has been hacked to work without verification or cd keys.

-Small price to pay for software that I have managed to get my hands on from that site. They seem to have everything, including operating systems.

I hope this helps.

i got suckered. I paid up and experienced similar experience as the posters above. Once i was a member - i could not get into the initial site that attracted me to it. I couldn’t find the files/software i was looking for and even when i did - i could not download them.

This is truly a con. I learn my lesson. Cancelled my credit card too - just in case the suckers were hopping to buy a house with my visa.

[B]Good News:[/B]


FullReleases.com has been shutdown, and all accounts are now closed. We apologize for any inconvenience, and appreciate the support we have received from our members over the lifetime of the site. If you have any further concerns, please email us at shutdownfeedback [at] gmail -dot- com

Please check out the sites below, hopefully they have what you are looking for: