Has anyone used Fullreleases.com?


Just wondering if anyone has ever used this site? http://www.fullreleases.com/index.php

Is it a glorified torrent site?

Would love to hear from people that have used this or are using this. Thanks.

Membership Benefits:

Movies that are still playing in theatres today.

That sounds illegal to me. :wink:

But then, I’d regard any site that offers “all you can download” for a one-time fee as suspicious.

I couldn’t agree more. Either illegal or a scam - possibly both. :iagree:

Yep :)…my advice, for what it’s worth? Steer clear.

  1. You should not even think of joining such sites even less admitting to this in a public forum :slight_smile:

  2. Unlikely a scam - it doesn’t HOST any illegal stuff, it probably just provides you links or torrents. More likely torrents - What a good place to get caught and get you in trouble with your ISP :smiley:

Er… right. I’m glad you all pointed that out to me… maybe I should have asked for PM’s instead LOL! Anyway, mods, admins, feel free to close this thread if you like.


I did this today! Its a total waste of money. For multiple reasons.

They only link you to torrets, the same torrets you can get off google.

Second! And most important, the only reason i sighned up was for a specific download i found at their site threw google.

Once i PAID and got my account activated their ‘search’ cant fined what i want, but if i go logout, and do the search on google it finds it fine. Then when i try to download just says its not found…

Just another site trying to steal your money!

Trying?? It’s obviously working :disagree: :disagree: :rolleyes:

I have they beat me out of 29.95 admin said we don’t do refunds! before you sign up they show you all these files you can download after sign up they disappear.
don`t do it unless you want to get ripped off

I am glad that I have decided to do a search for people opinion onto the above mentioned site before releasing anything else to them. Thanks for all of your answers. :bow:

I just sign up on one of their payment option but now they are asking to provide membership number, loggin name & password of that membership. You don’t have to be Einstein to know what the hell they are going to do with all of my info from this point on. :eek:

There is no way that I will provide my loggin & password. That would be looking for real trouble.

Just stay away from that site.