Has anyone used dvd wizard pro to burn video games

i was thinking about purchasing dvd wizard pro to burn ps2 and xbox games. i was wondering if it really worked and how easy or hard it is.

What does this have to do with AnyDVD? :slight_smile:

i use any dvd and clone dvd. usually people on this site have helpful information. i was just wondering if any members had also tried to do this, before i tried it.

It’s freeware bundled in a pakage. Don’t do it!! RIP OFF!!!

sorry, i am very new to this. what is freeware? thanks for answering.

He means someone took a free software package written by someone else and packaged it for sale. I don’t know anything about this particular piece of software but I’ve seen that behavior before. It makes me mad.

thanks for the info samurihl. i dont think im going to try it.

You cannot copy Xbox games unless you have a mod chip in your Xbox. You have to connect your Xbox to your computer and use the Xbox to read the disk. The Xbox reads game DVDs from the outside it. Computer ROMs read from inside out. Now you have to find a program that will rip the disk into an XISO file that can be burnt onto a DVD. I’m telling you this so you know that you cant just copy Xbox games with just one easy to use program. Any program that claims it will do it is full of S**T!!!