Has anyone used both Liteon 1693 and LG 4163

on good quality media (in my case it would be TYG01).

Which do you like best? Thanks

My personal advice:

I’m a quality nut. As far as quality dvd burns with quality media, the LG is superior, IMHO.

The Liteon is a good drive. It allows better overspeeding, faster ripping and quality scanning. The LG can do DVD-RAM, which is a superior data backup rewritable format.

I’ve got some TYG01 scans attached. Both disks burned at 4x, same data, same computer, same software (Ones). Both disks scanned in 2 different scanning drives, pics are as follows:

1: 1693S scanned on 1693S (4x, 1ECC)
2: 4163 scanned on 1693S (4x, 1ECC)
3: 1693S scanned on BenQ (8x, 8ECC)
4: 4163 scanned on BenQ (8x, 8ECC)

Here is the same two disks scanned on my NEC @ 16x, 8ECC. The disks are Fuji Branded TYG01’s by the way:

Sorry about the quality of pics…too high resolution caps…

1: 1693S
2: 4163

thank you. very informative. I guess I’ll keep the 4163.

Consider having two drives at once. I have several Lite-On drives and several LG drives. They are often used for different purposes.

The LG and Liteon do compliment each other well in my system…

Kenshin, you have several of everything…