Has anyone tried the new Fujifilm DLs and Samsung DLs



I was at Best Buy this weekend to see some Fujifilm DL discs. Here’s a link:


Also some Samsung DLs are available on meritline:


All still expensive :frowning:

Anyone tried these yet?



What about Philips DL and Ricoh DL? Has anyone tried these?


Verbatim DLs are the only ones I’ve tried so far


Fujifilm brand RICOHJPND00 burnt on an NEC ND-3500A based drive at 2.4x.
Transfer rate curves also look smooth on a few drives.


Fujifilm (old very small batch -> prodisc !)
FUJIFILM the media that currently is sold is ricohjpnD00.(made by ritek)
Samsung are RITEK double layers.
Ricoh is ricohjpnD00. (made by ritek)
Philips latest batches are PHILIPS CD2. (made by CMC)
Older Philips batches are MKM (made by MCC/MKM (singapore) /CMC(taiwan) )
Maxell is MKM.

for everthing still counts.
MKM -best quality and support
RICOH - good quality - but support is still behind the mkm stuff
Philips - ok quality but support is not that good but companies are working on it.
Ritek - large fluctuations in quality and support is good but thanks to variations not a real option.
I would reccomend the MKM stuff or else Ricoh if your drive supports them.


Also some nice RICOHJPND00 tests done by Alexnoe posted here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=127175


My LG GSA-4167 will not work with the Fuji DL dvds (RICOHJPND00).


SOME Philips DL are MKM001, and a few good burners can achieve good results with the RICOH DLs.


I bought a bunch of them from futureshop (fuji DL) and they turned out ok. here is a scan/link of a Fujifilm DL
I will scan tomorrow to see if its still in good condition, i would hope so. It was burned at 2.4x in an LG-GSA-4163B A105


I have been very happy with the Fuji DL’s ( RICOHJPN) from Futureshop and you can pick them up at a reasonable price when on sale. ( 3 pack for $9.99 Can )
They are good alternative to the Verbatim DLs and don’t have that pricey tag.
It basicly comes down to how anal you want to be and how much you want to spend.

:cool: :cool:


Good scan!

My preference is only with Verbatim 2.4x rated.
They not only can be burnt up to 8x without a quality issue but are also cheaper to get than Ricoh or Fuji media here…


Yeah, the verbatims are much more expensive here in canada, a regular 3 pk is 24.99 and the fuji when they are on sale are at 9.99. There probably is a big quality difference but hey for the price as long as the fuji last its good.

P.S. do you have any scans of the verbatim DL chef ?


Check this out: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=145775

8x DL+ MKM001 very good…