Has Anyone Tried Plextor's VariRec with DVD+/-R Yet?

Hi folks,

I just noticed that the latest Nero version will allow to use VariRec (see here for description) directly from Nero with my PX-712A … has anyone tried this out yet regarding PI-Sum 8 ?

I thought VariRec was for cdr/cda only ?

No, the VariRec option can be activated for DVD as well …

I never used it, you cant with blindwrite if that was what you were thinking.

I was thinking in terms of writing quality but it works at 4x only … and the 712A is already very good at 4x writing so it’s practically useless, I guess. :wink:

Never made any difference on CDs if VariRec was enabled or disabled concerning write quality. Maybe jitter is reduced by 2 % or so. But not worth klicking the box. Dont think it makes sense for DVDs. Never heard any differences with or without VariRec (@Laserpower Setting +0).

I have never tried Varirec, but it looks like Varirec +0 is even worse than No Varirec… take a look here. :wink: