Has anyone tried Audio with Shrink?



since you can keep or omit whatever you want in Shrink as far as components of a movie, I was wondering if there was a way to JUST select say the audio track, and convert that and burn to a cd for listening to in the car or something. I have some concert dvds that i would like to listen to, but dont know if there is the capability in Shrink or Nero or Decrypter to do this. the audio track is usually under 600mg, so i would think it should fit to a cd if isolated.



It can be done very easily.

Only select the audio you want and turn the video into a still image.

Then load the VOB file into a program such as Besweet. This will convert the audio to whatever format you want (WAV, MP3 etc).

I use a GUI called Belight with Besweet.



I tried this link you posted, and got the beSweetGUIv.6 you mentioned. I then took one of my DVD concerts, and took out the menus, and the extras, and only selected the audio track i wanted, and then went to the video drop down and selected “still pictures”. is that the method i should use? i am not familiar at all with the besweet .exe, and there is more than one VOB file in the folder from shrink.

I guess i will play around with it and see what i can do.



Ripped a concert video audio track beautifully using BeSweet as you said. Thanks for the tips. is there a way to edit it and insert track breaks? Just have one contiguous file at the moment.