Has anyone tested the STAPLES brand of DVD-R's?

I see that Staples sells there own brand of Blank DVD-R’s. Does anyone have any experiance with them? Was there a discussion already in progress?

Most of us on these boards prefer to go by manufacturer (impossible to tell until you get your hands on an individual disk) rather than by brandname (with Verbatim being a loose exception).

Staples own-brand DVDs literally could be anything, but most likely will not be anything of the highest quality (either Taiyo Yuden or AZO type).

Staples 16x DVD media is made by CMC (Taiwan) and MBI (India).

With the Taiwan media, I would only buy the DVD-R. With the India media, I would only buy the DVD+R.

That was quick guys thanks. I usually stick with taiyo Yuden or Ridata. I saw a sale at staples so I thought I would ask.

I had no time, but I usually order from Rima

I ended up buying HP DVD-Rs they were also on sale. What are your thoughts on HP?

HP=CMC MAG (Taiwan), I think. Some people here like CMCs 16x DVD-R and HP seems to get the best of it in any case. So you might have got a decent media.
As for Moser Baer 16x DVD+R, I wouldn’t recommend it for anything important.

[QUOTE=SeanW;2228732]As for Moser Baer 16x DVD+R, I wouldn’t recommend it for anything important.[/QUOTE]

It’s variable, but can be very good. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it.

The MMORE branded 16X DVD+R MBI I used to buy a couple of years ago on Staples was quite good.

A few weeks ago (maybe two or so) I went off to the store to purchase a few DVD-Rs (for burning Wii games, if it makes a difference). I was not aware of how important quality was at the time, but I did ask a man working there what brand they could possibly be. He replied that they most likely were made in a Memorex factory. Anyway, long story short -none of these DVD-Rs ever were made into cup coasters-. I always wrote on the at 1x speed (figuring it’s most thorough) with IMGburn. I think that their a fine brand. I’ve burned at least 15 by now.

Staples is doing a BF sale of the 50 pack dvd ±rs for $5 after rebate. If anyone has a recent update on quality/mid/scans that would be helpful. We consumers like to make informed choices.


Nothing has changed. Staples media is still mostly CMC, with some occasional MBI thrown in. Any scans you can already find in the forum will still apply.