Has anyone tested the newer TY 16X Printable discs?



I have been buying the 8X TY inkjet hub printable discs and think they are great. Now I see they have 16X non hub printable discs at Rima and was wondering if anybody has any expereince with these discs on the NEC 3500.
I am using the Liggy and Dee RC2 firmware. Thought about going to RC3, but if it ain’t broke, why chance it.



from the few scans i have seen, their does not seem to be any substasntive gains with burning quality at 16x…if it ain’t broke…


I pick up the TYG03 hub printable -R from Supermedia. You’ll find a scan here.


Real newbie here are far as reading scans. Is that good, bad or just OK?



i would throw it in the trash and try a slower speed…just my 2 cents


I’m not real experienced at reading Plextools graphs, but the summary at the bottom showing PIE and PIF numbers… PIF looks awefully high for TY media. Now, if that was Princo media, I’d be impressed.