Has anyone tested the new norton internet security suite (2006)

Has anyone tested the new norton internet security suite (2006), dose it remove all types of viruses? etc…

I wouldn’t use Norton if you gave it to me for free. It is way to invasive and interferes with other software.

Don’t think anyone is going to be that brave, if it is as bad as 2005 was.

dumped norton for nod32, never looked back, my system is much responsive now

What about Mcafee 2006?

Not as bad as Norton, but still evil, bad, and wrong.

What about F-secure

wt abt kaspersky?? i thinks its really cool anti virus…kaspersky doesnt take as much of memory and …unlike norton its doesnt dump the system…
only drawback is that …when u install it for 2 or 3 days ur system slows down (bcoz its scanning file before u can open)…after few days its rocks :slight_smile:


You could not PAY me to put Norton ANYTHING on my computers-

I have been using Trend Micro Internet Security 2005 for the past three months - and am very happy with it-

It was the #1 rated antiviris software in Consumers a few months ago-

You can get it for $21 shipped from vendors at www.pricewatch.com and it includes one year of updates-

What is not to like-


the $21

Which is a better Internet Security Norton or KZ Trust?

Poormama: NEITHER. Don’t install “internet security suites”. They are all degenerate and retrograde.

they are also integrated and tumescent

Skip all internet security suites and software firewalls. Do you have an older PC, 486? I dumped all the software type firewalls and security suites and just went with a hardware firewall running Linux. All you really need is a 486 machine with two ethernet adapters (if your connection is ethernet) and 64MB of ram, more ram will not help you.

Even if you don’t know linux it’s real easy. Download the ISO image and burn the disc with nero. Then boot your 486 machine to boot off the CD. The ISO image will format your hard drive and Linux will install with the firewall, no questions to answer. It’s very easy to setup and use and Linux is not as targeted as a windows platform. After you install it you can just open internet explorer on your main machine and get to the firewall via a web interface. If you want you can connect a cheapo ethernet switch to the firewall and have multiple machines connecting to the internet at the same time. Smoothwall suggests that you go with a lower class Pentium (PII) with 128MB of ram for multiple machines. It works very, very well. check it out…

Genral information

Smoothwall 2.0 ISO Image

Complete install guide

I have been running this setup and it works great. No problems at all with the system and I don’t see near the spyware. I have disabled my windows firewall and all software firewalls on my machine and the performance is great, because my main machine isn’t loaded down with any software. I just have an ethernet port coming in to my main machine, thats it!

And on that note ^^ - Suggested by Gurm long ago - set up NAT on your router (if applicable) Easiest and safest H/Ware F/Wall available to Man. I only use Freeware Sygate on low security just to tell when applications ‘phonehome’. As far as AV AVG Free does the job nicely.

Norton (I should say Symantec because Norton himself did great work until he sold out to a money hungry conglomerate) - :Z