Has anyone successfully burned renegade?

I have plexwriter 40/12/40a and liteon 40x12x48x and I am using clonecd 4 beta 9. Ive tried burning rengade with both burners and I get the install disk rather easily. I cant seem to get the play disk or disk two i belive it is called data disk. IT gives me an error. something about ejecting the cd and restarting the application. Ive tried burning this on both writers and still I get the same error with both of them. Anyone have any ideas??? err is there settings that need to be set?

Are you trying to play the disc from a CD-Writer?

If so you need to enable “Hide CD-R media” in the CloneCD tray icon.

I dont have that option it is a light gray and I cannot enable it do you have any ideas why??? I figured out however that the cds will play I just have to use the game cd to get to a screen where it asks me to put in the data cd and once I put that in I have the option to press continue or cancel. I have to press cancel. It acts like it works like the no cd crack. That crack does the same thing.

The option is grayed out because of the location that you live in (USA). To use this option, just close down CloneCD and the CloneCD tray. Go to your control pannels and change your regional settings to something different. I choose Location Zimbabwe and language format to English (Zimbabwe). Then just open the tray back up and all options should be availible. You might have to reset the computer, but I do not have to, so just give it a try and everything should be alright.

Just be sure to change it all back when you are done with it. I usually forget to myself, but dont worry, it does not hurt your system any.

I c thank you so much for your imput. Now im a bit confused though. Does it matter if you just leave your regional settings like that? Does it mess anything up such as windows updates since now you are telling windows you live somewhere else. Or does it mess up things like email?? I know these sound like stupid questions and I know they probably are but when you install your components in windows it sends everything to microsoft. (XP that is) I guess what im askin is, after you change your region does windows still receive as it should?

You can leave it like that if you want, it should not hurt a thing. I usually try to set it back after I am done, but I forget most of the time. I have left it like this before numerous times, and have seen no changes in my computer.