Has Anyone Successfully Backuped WarCraftII: ROC and TrackMania: Sunrise? (NEC3520AW)


So I did my regular, monthly-based game backups, and encountered two though nuts. 1st is WarCraftIII Reign Of Chaos (SecuROM 4.68.00.XXXX [4608 is for the launcer, 4610 is for the Editor] according to A-Ray Scanner), and the 2nd is TrackMania: Sunrise (StarForce according to the CDFreaks copy protection database).

I didn’t tried TrackMania yet (StarForce is still to hard for me) but I did try, several times, backuping WC3. I’ve followed Philamber’s guide. It went flawlessly (except for 1 window didn’t show up, the LEAD-OUT/TOC one) and I burned it on CD-RW for the sake of not wasting discs.

  • 1st burn was with “SecuROM New* 4x/5x” Datatype. When I entered the disc, Explorer.exe freezes.
  • 2nd burnd was with “SecuROM New*” Datatype. When it fails, it still requests a disc.

Using NEC3520AW with the Liggy & Dee’s V1.UG, latest DaemonTools, latest Alcohol120%, latest A-Ray Scanner, WinXP.

What to do? And how can I backup TM:SR?

Thanks a TON. :bow:

Do you have RMPS emulation enabled in Alcohol 120% ?
Explorer might hang if it is not and you try to load a backup.

I’ve put all emulations to ON in Daemon… I’ll try again through Alcohol120%.

OK, so forget about WCIII, i’ll deal it later.
TM-SR is more urgent, how do I create a working StarForce mini-image?

Tia! :bow:

Common guys, there’s must be a way to backup a StarForce1/2/3 game!
But if not, so just tell me so I can be sure.


i too have a clone cd of trackmania sunrise and i can’t get it work … :frowning:
someone know how to burn this game that he will work after that ?
thanks to all

Sorry Guys, but so far Starforce Hasn’t been successfully backed-up… You Could Try this Method though:


You’ll need some extra hardware.

From what i do hear, Daemon-Tools v4 Pro WILL backup starforce 3