Has anyone successfully backed up Temple of Elemental Evil?

I used Alcahol 120 to make a drive image and can play the game from the hard drive but haven’t had any success with actually burning a backup to CD-R. I have tried searching on the forum but haven’t found any place where anyone has said they did it. I know it has the securom 4.8 new protection.

I have a pioneer DVR-A07XLB DVD burner. I have DiscJuggler and Alcahol. DiscJuggler worked for me to make backups of Warcraft III and Age Of Mythology(playable in my DVD-Rom Drive of course), but no luck on ToEE.

I’m new on here and any reports of success with this game would be appreciated. Truely, playing from the hard drive is probably best, but on principal, I want a true backup disc as well.

If you are able to get your hands on a copy of DVD X Copy Platinum with Rescue it will back up just about anything, install DVD43 along with it, you should have no more problems. Just use the “Copy all files in session” option in Rescue and select your burner as the destination.

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I currently can’t afford any new software. It seems hard to believe nobody has cracked the newer securom protections with the usual software. Like I said, running the game from the hard drive is probably the best for actual performance but it’s a matter of principal to be able to back up software that you pay good money for. If anyone else has figured how to make a copy of this game with free or trial software, please let me know. Again, I have the trial versions of DiscJuggler and Alcahol 120%. I downloades CloneCD also but have not got around to checking it out yet. I have a DVD Rom drive so it’s ok if they will only play on a rom drive.

See the tutorial section. There are at least 3 tutes there on how to make working copies of securom 4.8x/5.x protected games. :wink: :slight_smile:

Thanks Philamber. I am checking out the tutorials but they all seem to use software that I don’t have and am not familiar with. I have discjuggler, alcahol 120. I am going to try to download some of the others from the tutorials if they have free trials ( sad to say at the moment free is all I can afford). I will try to check out the other software and hopefully they can get the job done.

You can just use alcohol together with A-Ray scanner (freeware) to make a twinpeak copy that will work from most drives as follows:

Make an image with alcohol using securom 4.x/5.x datatype settings. (Set dpm measurement at say 4x).

Patch the image with the twincreator tool incorporated into A-Ray.

Burn the patched image with alcohol using securom new (not securom 4.x/5.x) datatype settings. [Note: when you do so you will be told the the image size doesn’t match the toc and you’ll be given 3 options. Choose the first option.]

Most copy programs, like BlindWrite and CLoneCD, have free trial versions. :iagree:

I copied ToEE using clonecd with twinpeaks. Burned with LTC-48161H and could only play in that drive. Burned with LTR-52327S and it could play in LTD-166s and LTC-48161H.