Has anyone saw Comet McNaught...the "brightest" comet in 40 years



Amazing Comet Visible in Broad Daylight - A comet that has generated tremendous excitement the past week became visible in broad daylight Saturday in an event that will likely be recalled as the skywatching opportunity of a lifetime for many people

I haven’t been able to see this comet here in SW Indiana. All I see is tons of clouds and rain…lots of rain (for many days). Anyone into astrophotography got any personal pictures? I’ve seen the ones online.


Same problem here in Europe…I think we´ve missed it.
Heard it is visible in the southern hemisphere…c´mon guys down-under… :smiley:


You mean to say there is something above the rain? I’ve not seen it for ages. The weather tried to kill me today with tiny pellets of ice. Thankfully it was not large pellets of comet.


Portmac’s photograph. :clap:


That’s a nice shot of the comet!


overcast and rain or snow for over a week now. :frowning:


Beautiful comet! I remember I got to see Halley’s Comet the last time it came by, but only with ‘help’–couldn’t see it like in this picture. Thanks, Portmac and thanks philamber for the link!


It’s a huge biatch! I can see the tail, even in the city! HUGE!


Given that you can just now see the comet, your “line that divides reality & the universe”…is this really the equator instead of something like a spatial distortion harmonic phenomenon thingy resulting from a weakened fulcrum in a comic string or a euclidean space of dimension greater then three in the space-time continuum (Euclidean space being any ordinary space of dimension in which a real inner product is defined).


I’ve never been that wrapped in string theory.
No stop laughing … serious scientists believe that playing with a ball of yarn will tell them the answer to life, the universe & everything. I think they’ve lost the yarn, and are just playing with themselves.

At any rate, I’ve been wrapped up in realism, and just today found my way back to here wilth the help of alot of drugs :stuck_out_tongue:



I don’t like string theory at all.

If the drugs are good, you don’t need alot. If they are weak…you do. :bigsmile: