Has anyone RMA'd a 716a successfully

Just out of curiousity, has anyone RMA’d a 716a to Plextor and received a good replacement the 1st time? It seems all the stories here are about guys that are on their 3rd or 4th replacement.

Mine is broken. It won’t read most CDs and will only read or write DVDs at about 2.5X. I’ve tried Sony, Verbatim, Fuji, TY and other discs with the same results.
In an effort to avoid the horror stories, I’ve written to newegg to see if they’ll handle the replacement for me even though it’s out of the time period for doing this with them.
I paid $126 for the 716a thinking it would be a good investment. On the plus side, I’ve since bought an Aopen for $28.99 and an NEC 3520 for $34 and both work great.

The second one has been working relatively well. It hasn’t produced the great scans you can see in the scan thread, but it’s close to them.

Nope, did my first RMA with them and received my second drive in about 10 days. Burned 2 cdrs with it and it broke. Won’t work at all just keeps flashing 2blinks (orange led) then repeats. Fails diagnostic test also. Sent Plextor 2 Emails for another RMA and they wouldn’t answer them. Called them by phone. Telling them I Emailed the RMA form I filled out. They told me I did not include the drive S/N. I know I put the S/N of the drive on the form. Anyways now I have to call them back when I get the S/N off the drive. Another 30 minutes onhold again. They gave me only a case number. I figure this is the Last RMA I’m going to do. I figure the way things are going they will probably send me another bad drive and figure I will just give up and go away. Which I probably will do. If the next drive I get is bad I’m going to open it up and find the problem myself if I can. I have a very good electronics background (educated in electronics).

They must use a PX-716A to play their on-hold music on the phone because it kept breaking up and skipping.



Awaiting my 3rd replacement (tla 0202). 1st burned ONE disk at 16X…then it would never burn anything faster than 10X from that point on. Plextor tech support deemed bad power rec. Second replacement was even worse (tla 0305). Wouldn’t burn anything faster than 8X and did Verbatim 16X media at 2X…again another RMA. My third drive is supposed to arrive on 7/27…they have had the last drive two weeks…with inventory, etc…they did not send out until last week. I am losing hope. I did, however, get a PX-740A from Newegg…great drive. No power rec to screw up the works. Great burns…at the right speeds.


my first replacement was the good AND i always have the defective drive and it can burn well but only at low speed

Plextor sent you a replacement and let you keep your old drive?

I’ll be going on a short vacation tomorrow and will be back Sunday. I’ll pick up this thread when I get back.
Thanks to all for keeping it on topic.

depends on what you call successfully, i’m working on my third when I get this next replacement, the firs one stopped working, the second one from the time I hooked it up never recognized any type of media, and then there spot on tech support asks me how it did on the self diagnostics, “now how the hell am I going to do a self diagnostics when no type of media is recognized, none at all”.
I am also working on my 3rd 712SA, the first one just stopped being recognized period, no problem RMA, they send a second, UPS gets here the box looked like it had been jumped on then rolled over, I wouldn’t even except delivery on that one, not Plextors fault. I finally get my third 712SA and then those boneheads send me beige, I even made sure thru the whole process that they had black marked. Opened the box today and there it is a beige faceplate, called Plextor they have black faceplate listed on my RMA, they have no idea why beige was sent out, they won’t let me RMA it, they say they will send out a black faceplate, I hope they know that the 716SA and 712SA faceplates are not the same, I bet they send me a 716SA faceplate to put on the 712SA. …What I tell ya, Plextor just called, “ok sir, we got the black faceplate for the 716SA on the way” No… I need a black faceplate for the 712SA “oh’no gotta go, see if I can catch the mail.” and they hang up.

I got my replacement PX-716A yesterday. As far as I can tell it’s a brand new unit, TLA #0308, manufactured June 2005. So far it’s working better than the drive I sent back to Plextor (when it was working). In fact it overspeeds 8x@12x better than my 716UF.

After all that it better work. I RMAd mine also because the Plextools software was interfering my burning rom.

As with Two Degrees…seems like third time is the charm. I also received a TLA 0308 manufactured June 2005. So far…burns as is should at 16X. I am gonna play with it for awhile…and keep you posted…


Well I only had to RMA once; however this is the 4th 716A I’m on (I previously bought one retail drive, exchanged that for another, returned that one, bought another later, and RMA’d that one).

I received my replacement 716UF (Black, TLA#0308, July 2005) two days ago. Things seem to be working, except that it has some trouble reading DVD+Rs burned in my original 716UF. It takes an awfully long time to recognize them. So far, it takes a second try inserting the disc or inserting a blank disc first.
I hope this drive lasts longer than my original did, just three months and less than 25 burns.

Well, I got my replacement 716a back from Plextor today.
It’s 3/4 dead.
It will read CDs. It will not read any DVDs, including commercial movies or those made on my old 716a or my NEC. It won’t recognize any blank CDs or blank DVDs. So, it obviously won’t run it’s self diagnostic.

One has to wonder, why would Plextor send me a replacement that won’t pass it’s own self diagnostic? Don’t they test these things?

My RMA’ed drive is working well since I received it two weeks ago. Took five days from the time they received my old drive till I received my new drive. Of course I am not counting the very first drive that malfunctioned and returned to Best Buy for an exchange. So, third time around and working like a charm…

Boy I am having real trouble understanding why all of these replacement drives are having such issues. It seems they are not properly testing the drives or simply don’t want to investigate the problems with returned drives.
@GTX SlotCar. What is the TLA# of your replacement drive?

The replacement is 0202 (made in DEC 04). The old one was 0304 and made in FEB 05.
This is my first Plextor product. At this point, it’s doubtful there will ever be a 2nd. After I bought this for $127, I decided I needed a burner that worked properly so I bought an NEC 3520 for $39. The NEC does everything I was hoping the Plextor would do, for 1/3 the price. Even if I end up with a working 716A, it won’t be any better than the 3520A.

I bought a 100 stack of Optodisc (hub printable) 8X DVD-R for $33 shipped, that turned out to be TYG02. They recorded at 12X on the NEC. Was disappointed because I couldn’t get another 100 at the same price, then I found the same thing in Legacy for $26 shipped, also TYG02, and of course they burn at 12X, too (same discs). I can’t ask for any more than that. The difference in price between the 716 and 3520 would have paid for my Epson R200 DVD printer.

Here’s what I honestly think:
First, I can’t imagine that Plextor would intentionally send me a replacement burner that wouldn’t pass the self diagnostic. It’s not cost effective. I think it passed before they sent it to me. Also, it’s hard to believe that their tech people are so incompetent that they’re sending all these people replacement units that only partially work, and doing it 3 or 4 times with each customer. I think the units worked fine when they left Plextor. Now take into account the number of people whose replacement units worked fine for a week, or for 2 or 3 burns, and then quit. The real problem becomes apparent (and more hopeless). I think the 716A is just too fragile. Either the head alignment is too critical or prone to movement, or the electronic components are of such poor quality that they lose their values quickly. I believe these units are fixed and tested before they leave Plextor and they break on their way to the customer, or shortly thereafter. So, pretty much, we’re doomed, unless we can get new units that work.

I just got my new RMA authorization. Has everyone that’s gone through this 2, 3 or 4 times actually had to pay shipping each time?

In Europe, they pay for the shipping both ways; In the US I’ve heard mixed stories.

All in all, the Belgium support guys have been much better than the US ones so far if you believe all the stories :wink:
I must say my experience with Belgium support guys has been the best I’ve had of any company (Countered slightly by the fact I’ve now RMA’d my drive 4-5 times now ;))

I don’t think they have time to test. Or even manpower. I guess they only have storeroom boys to take care of the RMA. I don’t think they employ technical people to do a thorough test for every single drive they sending out as a replacement.

I recently had to RMA twice because they first sent me a new drive which had the original problem fixed but posed a new problem. The second replacement drive seems to be working fine but I am not convinced yet thus looking for a new drive of other brand to compare.

Good thing in Europe, or at least in the UK, is that they let you keep the defective drive(s). :stuck_out_tongue:

I sent an email to Plextor and they are issuing a calltag (pickup). In fact, UPS already tried to pick it up, but the calltag was issued for my billing address (home), not shipping address (work), so I called UPS and they’ll pick it up at work Monday. I guess all I had to do was ask.
Here’s what my email said:
Since this replacement unit didn’t work when I received it, I have to assume it left Plextor’s repair facility non-working. I don’t know how that happened, but it doesn’t seem fair that I should have to pay to ship it back again.