Has anyone ordered used ram from E-bay sellers?



I have an old computer that I want to upgrade, and SDRam now is just too expensive to buy new, since it’s not really produced in abundance, if at all.

E-bay has some nice auctions and I’m wondering if there’s anything else I should look for other than the word “tested” and how many sales and reviews the seller has? I usually look for the heavy sellers. As far as the specs go, I have all that I need.

Any opinions on ECC vs. non-ECC memory? I’m used to ECC, but if those of you here have had no problems with non-ECC, it would be useful information.


I’ve never used ECC ram in the desktop computers that I’ve built, and I’ve had almost no problems. I bought two sticks that were immediately found to be faulty and returned under warranty, but two out of several dozen is not bad. I thought ECC memory was mainly for servers?

I personally wouldn’t buy from Ebay, but I am a member at Arstechnica and do all my online trading at their Agora forum.



I would buy good ram off of eBay - from a seller with a very long history of favorable comments from their buyers and a very clear cut return policy-eh!

(btw-I have always used non ECC ram without any trouble)


I’ve bought SDRAM off of Ebay for the same reason, much lower cost vs. finding it sold new at this point. No problems from Ebay, in fact the one time that I ordered an ‘open box’ 128MB SDRAM stick from Newegg, the idiots sent me a defective 16MB stick in 128MB packaging… :a


I have three 256 MB modules of Crucial PC133 memory with a CL of 2.0. Non-ECC.

I also have six 256MB modules of Crucial PC2100 DDR with a CL of 2.5. Non-ECC.

PM me if interested. They were in my old computers that I refurbished. Tested just means they were system pulls out of old machines. I’ve tested mine with Memtest86. Besides there is a lifetime warranty with Crucial. Seems like I replaced one of the PC2100 modules at one time.

All of the Crucial Ballistix PC3200 memory I’m using now was purchased through Newegg’s open box section as Scoobie mentions. All of the modules tested good but one was incompatible with the rest as it was single sided and the others were double sided. Through Newegg’s open box section I saved a ton of money over buying new in box so check there first.

Some of these places are charging way way too much for obsolete memory. SDRAM should be dirt cheap. Sometimes you can find it on sale for less after a rebate, especially the PNY and Centon brands. You’ll get lower latencies though.


ECC ram is mainly used for data critical things such as running a large data base server. Other than that no regular PC user would need ECC ram. Some motherboards don’t accept ECC ram. It’s mainly the server motherboards which require ECC ram. The reason SDRAM is expensive is because they practically don’t make them anymore. When buying from ebay make sure you check how long the person has been registered, the types of items they sell, and how many negatives feedback they have in the past 6-12 months.


What price are willing to pay for SDRAM (512MB)?.


If its an “OLD” PC, watch out for compatibility - some cannot take 512MB or single sided 256MB.


I bought some SDRAM PC800 non-ecc through EBay.

Like you said ridiculously expensive through normal channels. Not cheap on EBay but a lot less expensive. I was able to get brand name for about 1/3 the price of generic new product. Worked like a charm.

I will not buy from someone on EBay until they have at least 50 or so feedbacks and very few if any negative feedbacks. (Unless the person is complaining about slow delivery or something else stupid like that.)


i would never buy electronics, movies, music or underwear from ebay they are full scammers and they can simply buy dollar items to boost their feedback.

and ebay is a money hungry corporation they dont care about their users at all SAY NO TO EBAY


I sell on eBay for a living. 99% of sellers are honest and legit, but there are scammers out there. One of the best things you can do is use Paypal. It offers a lot of protection just like a credit card. If you get an item and it is not as described, then open an “Item not as described” complaint with eBay and try a chargeback with Paypal. It is normally the seller’s burden to prove delivery and that the item is in the condition specified. Most dishonest sellers won’t even respond to the chargeback dispute, in which case all you have to do is send back the RAM and Paypal will give you your money back. eBay is very safe if you use some common sense and look for sellers that have good ratings. You would be surprised at how many guys with 10 or less ratings are legitimate. You can also check what they have purchased in their feedback and from who to see if their feedback is legitimate. A very few people will do the “dollar” feedback deal, but that is very easy to catch by looking at the items they have purchased and the people they have purchased from.

Does anybody know if we are allowed to post links to eBay auctions on the forum?


I’m not sure this thread is appropriate for this forum. Perhaps the hardware forum would be a better choice. Material here should be in reference to good “deals” not suggestions where or what to buy. The mods may want to move it. Just my opinion.


I had never heard of that forum, so I checked it out. There’s some excellent information to be had there. Thanks for mentioning it. How do you think it compares to other tech forums such as Anandtech and Tom’s Hardware?


Arstechnica is one of the premiere tech forums that I know of. It has a much more mature feel than the Anandtech forums. I don’t know about the other, since I don’t pay any attention to that site. Ars is often times mentioned, or quoted by other online sites, especially digg and slashdot, and they occasionally make the national news as well.

It is moderated very closely, flaming simply isn’t allowed. The technical discussions fly over my head most of the time, but I still like reading through most of them, especially when they start commenting on microprocessor architecture and future trends. Many of the members are EE’s or IT professionals. But there is something for everyone there. Audio, visual, modding, gaming—all of the forums are active.

One of the things that sets it apart is that part of the site is set aside for subscribers. If you just want to shoot the breeze, you have to be a subscriber and post in the Lounge. If you want to debate, there is a forum for that as well.

The Agora has its own set of rules, and is one of the best places for online trading, but you have to read and follow those rules closely. They have three mods who maintain control, but none of the regulars will let you slide either.

It is informative, fun and one of my favorite sites online. I guess that was coming through already. :slight_smile:


Intel’s specs lists this old motherboard as only handling 3x128 mg SDRam slots, however many posters on the Dell boards have had no problems with 3x 256mg sticks for a total of 768 mg ram.

I usually only buy from those that have about [B][U]1,500 [/U][/B]customer comments or more!

We’re talking bargains here, and if you can’t get a bargain on e-bay, where can you get it? The more information one can attain, the easier it is to make a decision. For example, many people here refer to shop4tech, yet when you look at their ratings at resellerratings.com, you have to wonder whether there
should be a footnote every time they’re mentioned on the forum (as should every online dealer who scores an average or below average rating).