Has anyone made a successful backup of renegade!



I have a memorex 24x10x40 TWENTY FOUR MAXX cd-rw. cloneCD version and would like to make a successful copy of renegade which I have been unable to do. Can someone tell me what settings a use in CloneCD????

Any help would be very grateful!!!! :slight_smile:



I did the job with my Lite-On LTR-40125S


SaveDisc2 Profile

SaveDisc2 Profile

use Clony XXL to detect

use Clony XXL to detect




Neo look in the CLONE_CD help if your drive supports safe-disk copying. Or is able to Amplify WeakSektors (AWS)

If not…forget it.


where can i get an english version of clony xxl cos i cant read german and i need it to copy a cd!!!


hey neo try this out…the latest english clony is beta e

but in clone cd try these settings out:

read at 8x
only enable fast error skip with 0 read retries and “none” error correction

write at max or 8x or whatever
enable a bufferunderrun if applicable
enable laser power calibration
enable aplify weak sectors
enable close last session
and BURN and install the game in a cdrom since it will look for the atip!!! and it should work for ya


I tried Clone CD 3341 with Plextor 24x,no success. Then i tried Lite-on 40x,no problems-perfect.