Has anyone installed Roxio Easy VHStoDVD on Vista?

The drivers for the included hardware install fine,
It is when Easy VHStoDVD software tries to install .It tries then “rolls back”.
I’ve looked at the Roxio support forum & a lot of posts are about having problems with this.The solution seems to always go to a “pinned” topic or the clean install method.
I tried both but they didn’t work.
I didn’t post on their forum because those that did ran into smart asses when their suggestions didn’t work.Even a suggestion to reformat the HDD.
I rarely have problems installing software so I don’t think it’s me.
So any suggestions or someone that has successfully done this ?

This is the reveiw at CDF:
This is the basic “pinned” article from the roxio forum:

Things I do before installation, in this order. Clean all cache, cookies, private data, clear history, delete the temp file contents (start run %temp%), run disc
cleanup, empty the recycle bin, run disc defragmenter on the operating system C / installation drive. Reboot the PC, close all unnecessary running
programs, disconnect from the internet and turn off / stop antivirus and firewall software. Now I’m ready to install the software.
Place the USB Capture Device directly in a USB 2.0 connector on the PC, preferably a rear port not some kind of extension USB Hub. Make sure it’s properly supported and the connected wires aren’t pulling the device out, not making a proper connection. The operating system should recognize the USB Device and launch the Found New Hardware Wizard, if not try a different USB connector on the PC. When the Found New Hardware Wizard launches
cancel it otherwise the operating system could install generic drivers for the device.
Now put the Easy VHS to DVD Disc in a DVD Drive it will auto run or click start My Computer, right click on the drive with the disc, open / explore the disc,
click on setup.exe to start the installation.

Good luck on canceling the Found New Hardware Wizard in Vista.The hardware has one USB plug but installs as two different devices for some reason.
I tried on one hardware driver it appeared to “ask later” but went ahead & installed as “Other Device” in Device Manager.
The image I will post is from the pinned article.It doesn’t show the Device Manager but the Details of the New Hardware install.It shows that the writer of the pinned artice had the same thing happen he just didn’t know it.
I don’t think the hardware is the problem I think it is the software & until I get it to go further it is the
Easy VHStoDVD program that has the problem with Vista.
Again any help will be appreciated.