Has anyone had better results than this with RITEKR03

Has anyone had better burns than this using RITEKR03 002 and any Liteon drive.

8x burn Arita media RITEKR03 002.

Well I use Arita Ritek 4x to burn 8x with my 451@851. And it gave me 20% coaster and lower quality. So from now on I’ll stick to 4x with that media.


It recently came to light that Arita are Ritek’s brand of “graded” discs, meaning they aren’t Grade A. I had used about two spindles of 4x Arita RICOHJPNR01 @ 8x just fine, but my latest spindle after the first couple those burned @ 8x would be unreadable in about 10 sectors but the rest of the disc fine. I’m going to avoid Arita from now on, as they were only a little cheaper than other none-graded brands with the same dye. Shame though. By the way Ritek and Ricoh discs are the same, as Ritek make the discs for Ricoh, although i do wonder if many writers have differing write strategy for Ricoh and Ritek as i’ve heard more people having Ricoh success than Ritek on +R.

Or it might be that the ones with the Ricoh code come from certain Ritek factories and ones from Ritek codes come from other Ritek factories. Media quality can vary from batch to batch, from factory to factory, even if they’re all made by the same company.