Has anyone had any luck with backing up xbox games with a Lite On Sohw 812s?

i recently have been trying to backup my xbox games… yes i have a modchip installed, and yes i followed all the tutorials on how to make a proper iso. I have a thomson dvd drive in my xbox. i have tried a few different kinds of media. So if anyone has had any luck backing up xbox games with a lite on 812s please tell me how you went about to do this. like what media you used, software ect. also i have recently updated my firmware to usoq.

thank you

  1. get cy58 firmware
  2. enable tweaks in omnipatcher and flash it
  3. use high quality (philips & verbatim are the best i’ve seen) +r media
  4. burn them @4x
  5. make some kprobe and transfer rate scans.


I don’t own a xbox and never messed with one,

if you are making an iso which drive are you using to make the iso from…the xbox drive or the 812S?

i don’t have a xbox. but i know a lot about copying it’s games. it’s best to make the image with the xbox drive or with a toshiba sd-m 1712/1912.
THOMPSON drives are known to be the worst… the best drives are samsung 616t, flashed with 605 firmware. philips drives are ok, too. but they’re not good in reading cd-rs.

What media are you using? The thompson drive will only read DVD+R media that has been bit-set to DVD-ROM. Like chokO said, go the the codeguys site and get the cy58 firmware. Run it through the omnipatcher to enable autobitsetting.

When I make my ISO images from the xbox, I use Qwix to make the ISO and then DVD Decyptor to burn the image.

okay thanks for the quick responses… 1st off i ftp’d already saved backups from my xbox to my pc. i ftp’d the whole folder… which i believe is the same as taking it from my xbox dvd drive. okay ill try some new media… i was using -r memorex… but ive used many different types of media +r and -r… none seem to work… however i never tried changing the bitsettings. you said to get cy58 firmware… will this overwrite my usoq firmware that i just installed? and alos i couldnt find on that site you provided where i could get that firmware. “2. enable tweaks in omnipatcher and flash it”… i would like to know more about this… i am kind of a newb to all this. i have no idea what your talking about. haha. “5. make some kprobe and transfer rate scans.”… what do you mean by that? I also used qwix to make the ISO and then i have tried using dvd decrypter as well to burn the image. I hope my info makes sense… and also does anyone actually have this dvd burner and has had success making a backup of an xbox game?

thanks guys and please reply asap!

first download THIS file and flash your drive.

then download THIS and reset learnt media data.

then burn a disc and make a scan with THIS program. post a screenshot of the finished scan (make the scan @4x speed), so we can tell you if the burn quality is good or not…

okay… i downloaded the 1st file and extracted it but when i opened it says “this flash utility only supports LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-832S drive”…

i have the SOHW-812S DVD RW DRIVE… so is this the right file?

Look at this website to find which firmware will work with the SOHW-812S

You can crossflashing 812S to 832S with a patched firmwares

so is that firmware that chok0 gave me the right one… i want to be sure before doing it.

and another thing… by flashing my dvd drive to a 823S will that make it a dual layer dvd burner?

i looked at that site you gave me ( http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares.html ) and the cy58 firmware is under this: Sony DRU-700A (rebadged LiteOn SOHW-832S)

i have a KHypermedia rebadged as a Lite-On SOHW 812S

please help!

Yes. CY58 is Sony DRU-700A firmware. You can use the patched version of CY58 to flash your 812s to 832s or DRU-700A but it would void your warranty.

My xbox seem better at reading DVD-R and not reading DVD+R at all unless i use bitsetting it to DVD-ROM.

so do you think that this is my problem… becuase i dont really want to do all this stuff and then find out that it was my dvd drive that was actually defective or something, becuase then i wouldnt be able to return it… so tg2005 do you have this drive? and did you have to go thru this process to make this work?.. please get back to me, and i think it would be easier to talk on aim if you have it… so just leave your aim sn and ill get back to you, thanks

Why don’t you burn some video with your current setting using the same type of disc that you use for the xbox backup and see if it work on the xbox?
if it work then most likely you doing something wrong in making xbox iso.

My Xbox will only read -r discs. Doesn’t like +r even those bitset to DVD-Rom.

Use Craxtion or someother program to convert the files FTPed from the Xbox to the XIso file mode. You will need other files such as Gdfimage, XDFSextract and may also need XDImaker if these programs are not included in your Xiso maker program.

I then burn the Xiso file with Nero and they all play like the real thing.

okay ill try… but you still didnt answer my question… do you have this dvd drive? or have you seen it have success with backing up xbox games?

No i did not had 812s but i do has 1633s and it not that good but my all the disc i made work with the xbox.

If your video burn disc did not work. download kprobe and scan that disc to see how good it the burn. post it here.

okay ill do that… but what program do i need to change the bittsetting to dvd-rom on a dvd+r disk?

use booktype utility from

You can get other utility use with Liteon Drive at