Has anyone gotten Star Wars Ep2 to backup movie only?

Just wondering, I think it’s not title 1 or 2 but something else that has all the chapters/the movie on it. Does that make a difference, I did a trial run and it seemed to jump from one chapter to the middle of another in my computers dvd player.


what do you mean title?
just rip everything in file mode and the use dvd2one.
It works perfectly!

I backed it up in movie only mode. No problems and looks great!

I also backed up this dvd in movie only mode - no problems.

Well, this is the first time it’s happened to me. Anyway, It’s in movie only mode and on the far left side, you see title, chapters, angles, and time. Usually, title 1 has the movie in it. But this time, it’s title 11 (with 51 chapters).

Title 1 is selected by Default. Yet here, title 1 has 1 chapter 1 angle, and a time of 00:00:00 Did you select another title or just do it as usual and just select your subs etc?


I’m sure I picked the angle with the longest running time and the most chapters. I do remember it having an unusually large amount of chapters.