Has anyone gotten Polar Express to copy?

AnyDVD + CloneDVD2 = No Problems

AnyDVD + 1ClickDVDCopy (Include Extras & Menus) = No Problems

1Click Pro with same settings also works…

had no problem backing up the entire disc (R1, widescreen) with anydvd and last version dvd Shrink.

whole thing plays fine including menus and features.

No problems here:
CloneDVD2, AnyDVD, R1 widescreen, movie only, menues preserved.

I used: CloneDVD2, AnyDVD, for R1 widescreen

No problem.

I had the same problems with anyDVD and DVD decrypter. I had to restart DVD decrypter multiple times because it kept getting into an error popup loop. Any way, I changed the CSS settings for DVD decrypter and finally got it to work.

I increased the CSS detection search size, increased the DeCSSPlus Key Occurences, and decreased the DeCSSPlus Pattern Repeat Length.

I don’t know which of these did the trick, or if it was all of them, but it worked.

For running AnyDVD with DVD Decrypter see the posts by Olli in this thread (starting with post #5);


If you follow these instuctions the CSS settings in DVD Decrypter should not matter. AnyDVD will make the disk look non CSS protected.


When AnyDVD is running correctly, DVDDecrypter should see the disc as non CSS protected. Make sure NOT TO USE ASPI in DVDDecrypter I/O settings. Use ElbyCDIO or SPTI. ASPI sucks.

I used Any DVD and DVD decripter, not problem at all :slight_smile:

I bought the full screen and I used 1 click dvd and any dvd. I have a wonderful picture but no sound. I have tried changing settings and nothing changed burned 4 and still no sound. I really don’t like letting the kids use the originals. Could you let me know what to do . I don’t understand alot of complicated things. :confused: Thanks

posting from work will add more later. I too am having issues with Polar I am using Any DVD & Nero 7 (non demo), Win XP SP1 and it just errors out while verifying the burn. i have clone dvd trying to burn now at home will check at lunch

Are you copying the whole movie or just the movie itself. I had the same problem. You have to select all the languages it order to get audio. If you unselect the French or spanish track no audio will come out. I used Anydvd and shrink and it work. :slight_smile:

I’ve copied this movie repeatedly. Never a problem. Using CloneDVD as well as Shrink. I don’t know what your problem is, but AnyDVD isn’t the culprit. :wink:

never said Anydvd is the issue, but anyhow i was copying the whole movie minus the Spanish and French. couldn’t get it to burn right with Nero but was able to get it to burn right with CloneDvD

No problems with DVDX Platium only.

The only problem in that case is that you haven’t removed DVDX Platinum from your computer. We will have to beat you with soap wrapped in towels now.