Has anyone found a way to force analysis in recode?

Problem I have is when I import a big compilation with 2 gig. vobs (ie over 10 gig.) of a title, recode seems to do ok when it analyzes it the first time (the compression slider is working). But, when I reimport the same title after closing recode, it skips the analysis, which then causes the compression slider to become locked and the title to not be able to compress correctly. I know i can just open up a ifo with ifo edit then resave it and that corrects the issue…ie changes the timestamp on the file and analysis will rerun.

There should be a way to force recode to run analysis every time it imports a title.

Oh and trying to compress a big compilation like this in Shrink doesn’t even work. :disagree:

I would suspect that Nero thinks it has already analyzed it. You could go into your hidden application data folder in your documents and settings and clear out the Nero folder before you reimport it. I do that with shrink but have never done it with Nero. That should fool Nero into thinking that it has never seen the file.