Has anyone ever heard of this happening?

Ok my problems will follow. But first I have a month old Lite-On LH-20A1P. About less then a month ago I computer crashed bad. Well I did a fresh install of Windows XP Pro. This where the problem happen. I got the install up to the second boot. I get a fatal error and says to clean the disc or use another one. The disc was brand new and I just took it out of a sealed box. And there was nothing wrong with it. Well I took the disc out of the drive and look it over. I find 3 scratches that where not there when I put the disc in the drive.

So I take this disc to a friend that runs a business that repairs scratch cds, dvds. He finished and I looked it over it was perfected no marks of any kind. I take it home and try to finish the install. All of the sudden I get the same error and says the same to clean dise etc. I pull the disc out and look at it. There are 8 spots on the disc. It looks like the burner melted 8 small spot on the disc.

What would cause this? I took my freind disc and tried it worked and tis disc had many scratches. I’m lost to way this happen. So has anyone else heard of this happening??

Thank you for your time.

So out of about 300,000 members and no one has had this happen?

RMA the drive. It has obvious problems.