Has Anyone Ever Had Their Computer Turn Itself On?

LOL I know this sounds really really stupid, but last night my pc turned itself on, does anyone know how this happened? because I watched it turn on lol and I was in shock. My aunty has had it happen aswell but I didn’t think anything of it. =/ This sounds really stupid I know.

are these computers networked? sounds like this might be related to “wake on LAN”, which would cause computers to turn themselves on if they receive a command over a network.

The Other reason may be if ur ups is on and by change the power cod inside ur computer has a defect or lekage . Then also ur computer switch on.
this typr of proberm also happs with me.
so u first check whether ur computer in on network with wake up on lan setting is activated. if activated deactivate it. and if the setting is deactivate the u must see the power cod connection inside ur computer.

There are also setting to turn on you pc with your modem if I remember right.
Its been a while since I used a modem.

My old Server had a setting in the BIOS meaning if the Power was lost the PC would Boot when it returns no matter if it was on or off before hand.

Cue Power Cut a while back, my PC goes ‘bang’ and is off. I wait for it to come on and my Server that was off suddently powers on :slight_smile: It’s even done it when the power change was enough to just drop the power to my PC but keep the lights on fine. So doesn’t take much.

I had such a prob with my old celeron.

the pc turned on itself but haven´t booted. i think that little, on other devices (TV …) not recognicable, fluctuations in the power supply system caused this problem.