Has anyone dealt with droog? they are listed in the dealers section




I want to purchase some cd's from droog but,
I would like to know first if they are reliable? and if so, what is their service like?

thank you,


I been dealing with droog for a while now.
and the service is A+ and fast service.
and if any disk is mess up.he’ll replace it
can’t beat that,right…
best regards
Ps:if you want to do some trading
e-mail "theworld2@onebox.com


Droog was very Reliable and fast but he was recently busted and decided to quit i believe one of his friends has taken on his buisness i haven’t dealt with this chap so can’t vouch for him but if he’s a friend of Droog he must be whorth a try.


yes droog has gone but his freind does it know and it’s still the same fast and good one of the best i have delt with you will not be shagged like some do