Has anyone burned King Kong Successfully on DL?

Hello to everyone, I’m looking for someone that has successfully burned King Kong on a double layer disk. I’ve gone thru 4 Ridata disk with no luck. My problem comes at the layer break on each disk. I have had some good DL burns using Ridata DL +R’s, but this one however is giving me problems. See my post: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=181279

If anyone has successfully burned King Kong, Could you please let me know what media, burner & programs that you used ? To be honest, I could care less about the movie King Kong, I’m just trying to figure out why I’m having problems at the point where the burning process changes from layer 1 to layer 2

RMAC11 :confused:

only use verbatim for dl disks, as they are the only reliable. Ridata is terrible as a single layer let alone double.

I burned it just fine using a verbatim DL + R disk. Burned with a maddog model MegaSTOR Triple Format, AnyDVD ver and CloneDVD ver CDspeed, after scanning gave it a disk quality score of 95. Also if you use CDclone (newest version) with AnyDVD you can clone a DVD and it will make a exact duplicate.

yep… use +r’s and clonecd will keep the original layer break, which will stop jumpyness you would get on a -r… also you can change booktype… if you get some dl disks make sure you get +r :wink:

RMAC11: the problem in the other thread is you have bad media. As others have suggested, try Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x and burn with ImgBurn (the MDS file).

yes with dvd fab express on a single layer disc then nero recode why use expensive dl discs,unless you know somewhere you can get them real cheap,let me know but on some cheap home dvd players it may not work but never the less, i think i used sony media, but i don’t bother with what media i use, does it really matter what kind u use, anyway good luck, i just thought i’d put my 2 sense in…

I burnt KingKong successfully on DL Verbatim Disc, burnt by CloneDVD @ 8X on 2.4X Verbatim from an image file using BenQ 1640 BSOB, this was done a month ago.

i thought in your other thread you said that the Verbatim discs solved your problem?

then why are you using the ritek discs again!?

you can try to use them up, but you’re going to continue on with results like you’re getting and waste a lot of time in the process.

trust me, if there were a secret firmware that showed good results with this MID we would have told you!

I burned it with nero, letting it set the layer break. I also used a verbatim 2.4x disc.

like the other posts say, verbatim’s the only way to go if you wanna burn DL.

Very few burners also like the DLs with CMC mediacode. But only very few.

4X +R Verbatim burned at 8X without any problems.

AD + Clonecd(to rip and burn) + verbatim DL at 2.4x burn

Madam reasonsnotrules, Have been out of town for a few days & just now reading your reply, & NO I have not reverted back to Ridata DL’s. When I made that post, I was still in the process of trying to figure out my Kingkong burn problems. The post that was made, was about the same time as the other. I thought the problem might of been related to the length of time of the movie (3:08 min), & thought I would ask others if they were having simular problems, was just curious. Anyway I have a new situatition thats developing with the movie " The Panist", & of course I’m using Verbatim. I’ll make a new post on this with some scans, & hope you will look in on me !

RMAC11 :cool:

Your King Kong is only 3 minutes?

you really felt the need to comment on that?

he obviously means 3:08:00 or 3 hours and 8 minutes…happy?

I was having problems burning DVD+R DL discs (Verbatims) not because of the media but because of layer break positioning. I eventually tried burning from a folder on my HD (instead of an ISO image) using the latest version of Imgtool (non-classic version) that uses the Nero 6.6 API. Worked flawlessly. Imgtool classic, which I normally use, does not deal with layer breaks well, so I recommend the non-classic version for DL stuff.
With some ISO images there is no problem with the layer break, luckily Imgburn warns you about layer break problems before it coasters a $2 verbatim disc. If it does complain about the layer break I extract to a folder and burn with Imgtool.