Has anyone burned a multi-session cd with nerocmd form the command line?

has anyone ever used nerocmd, from the command line
to burn a multi-session cd ???
and if so can he post a simple example

here’s what i’ve tried so far
i’ve simplified the command as much as possible

creating the cd

nerocmd --write --drivename d --real --iso test --close_session c:\dummy1.txt

followng sessions

nerocmd --write --drivename d --real --iso test --import --close_session c:\dummy2.txt

the burn process goes through, without any warnings etc.
but when i access the cd it only seesthe first session, what gives ?!

i’m using the latest nero sdk, downloaded it today, nero express 6
win xp, cd-r drive and media

oops, it did work, sorry

when i first tried it i used an old machine with an old cd-r drive
which didn’t work

but later on i tried it on a more recent machine and drive
and it worked like a charm

maybe incompatibility issues, with multisessions, media ???
never mind all is good now !

so if anyone sees this post
the previous commands do work !

provided you’ve got a decent drive, hardware etc.