Has anyone burned a good Leaddata w/811S?

I’ve got a stack of these (branded as Eagle) and I haven’t gotten even a decent scan yet, and all but one has read errors toward the end. So I’m just wondering if anyone has burned a good Leaddata DVD-R with an 811S drive, and if so, how did you do it? :slight_smile:

I do get good results with CMC though…

Based on my (very limited) personal experience with LD and based on what I’ve seen other people say about LD, I think that LD is somewhere around Princo in terms of quality… Dunno if there’s anything that could be done to compensate for it…

I actually got marginally better results with the 1 Princo I have. I guess I’ll keep burning these Leads just to see if I can ever get one that’s at least playable.

Oh well… :Z

:iagree: :iagree:
I would have to agree with code65536, I have never got one to play back completely in my standalone player. I had a bunch of them myself and used them all for data backups, they verified ok and to this date I can still get the data off them. The data that is on them isn’t really important so if they fail over a period of time it doesn’t really matter.