Has anyone been to mrbass.org lately?

I went in to check and see if he is still hosting the DVDDecrypter files, and all I got was this:

Moment of silence for…

a moment of truth…

so one can live for the moment

moment of silence = silent prayer time, contemplation, reflection, or meditation

moment of truth = a time when a person or thing is tested, a decision has to be made, or a crisis has to be faced

live for the moment = live or act without worrying about the future

Has he been hacked? Or is this a comment on LightningUK’s fate?

i noticed the same thing 2 days ago…mrBass’ site is one of my favs on the net too…

i’m also interested to know what’s up…

think the movie makers have put some presure on him to drop it unsure what will happen next more here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=139073

Maybe he killed himself

(Hey , it could happen!)

I’m sure you can find a mirror somewhere (I know I did). Burn it on a CD and keep it as long as it is useful!

I was aware of the situation with DVDDecrypter. Don’t need the files, just interested in who is and who isn’t keeping them online. Just after LightningUK made his announcement, mrbass still had them up, and his site looked ok. Now its fubared deluxe.

Well, as it is based in Finland, afterdawn.com is still hosting it:


maybe you could give him a call at doom9.
i think that’s the same MrBass.

iam having problem burning HITCH, any susgestion please

Please give us more info… Please provide software are you using to burn the disc, your O/S, credit card number, disc format are you using, etc.

LOL. :bigsmile: