Has anyone answered your question?

I’ve noticed that a lot of questions go unanswered in this forum and in others. I was wondering if there is enough computer gurus to go around.
I understand solving the free worlds digital problems is a daunting task, but isn’t there an army of pocket protector computer geeks with nothing else better to do? How about sympathetic DVD pirates? Or the guy running a webcam in his wifes’ shower? Somebody out there has got to STEP UP!

this is a volunteer thing. That means I’m not being paid to sit on here and listen to people talk about their computer problems. I help where I think I can and when I have time, and I’m sure the same goes for everyone else on here.

edited because i was being an asshole. guy problems being taken out on the board…sorry.

Would you be so kind as to point us to the unanswered Posts? Most of the time it comes down to poorly worded or poorly structured posts with no detail or its about an illegal matter or the user doesnt search before posting or their simply is no exact answer just suggestions that lead to trial and error. Computers and components are an unknown quantity and the answer is always X - we just dont know what the question is.

PS - Most geeks do not have pocket protectors - most geeks (like myself) do have lots to do - but we choose to spread the wealth of knowledge because its what we love. What I glean from your post Ocho is it seems you are trying to incite some negativity - in a politically correct fashion - please correct me if I’m wrong.


…is one.

The reason that questions like this one sometimes go unanswered is probably because it is a well worn topic that has been discussed several times. The user can usually find the answer to their question by searching the forums before posting. :iagree:

Scroll through the newbie forum. Look at how few responses most questions receive. There are so many new threads that within a day(or less) it gets pushed to the second or third page. Now pick a thread on page 3 with between 1 and 4 responses and strong odds are there is no definitive answer to the question. The responses are from other newbs who would like to know the answer too.
The same could be said of any other section on this site. It appears there are not enough experts to handle the newbs(like myself). The pocket protector and DVD pirate comments are to get somebody excited to enough to push some buttons on their keyboard. The webcam comment is because I’m a dirty old man.
My point is a lot of newbies come here looking for help and view advertising with few finding what they are looking for. Grant it, if I were a nonreimbursed expert I would offer occasional assistance, but not on a daily basis. Isn’t there some GREAT GURU who runs this place?

By the way, how do you post a link?

That’s not a cool way to get people to help you bro. :disagree:

You just copy the URL into your Post or if you wan to get fancy:
[‘URL=http://SomeURL.com]Text to be Displayed Here[/URL’] (Dont Include the’)
If you want serious Tech Support with Fixed SLA’s then pay for it - Otherwise i’m afraid you can talk to the hand. I have an extremely busy schedule with work After hours Support 2 kids and the usual probs.

we’re all just like you mate visitors! If your question doesn’t get answered search, I can guarantee it’s been asked and answered before. If not bump your post so it’s back in the front page, don’t complain it’s the best way not to get help.

I have to go with the others. Most don’t get answered because they have beendone to death before, and if the person just shows the common sense to use search then they can find the answers.

Everyone who helps does it in their own time and on their own back, and people do get rather pissed off when they get the same questions again and again where the person doesn’t bother using search. Using your own post is a good example of this if you had bothered to use search then you wuld have found that such things are discussed quite a bit in the media section.

I will use myself as a different example. I am new to the whole bitsetting book type thing. I read therough some of the threads and clicked where words were blue iin the post and read the articles linlked to. After doing all that I asked only where I needed clarification on some things I still didn’t understand.

i wish more people would do this. learn for yourself then ask educated questions on specific topics that can be answered.

to the original poster…

I was nice in my first post (well, after I edited it), but now I think you’re being downright rude. We do what we can. seriously dude, I’m trying to be polite and I’m a very reasonable person, but you’re telling a bunch of people who get no compensation for their time that they need to work harder…we all have normal lives too so I can tell you straight up, that it’s not going over very well.

but isn’t there an army of pocket protector computer geeks with nothing else better to do?
No, we are all extremely busy people and way too paranoid to form an army.

How about sympathetic DVD pirates?

Pirates are never sympathetic.

By the way, how do you post a link?


You’re in the newbie section of a forum and want people to STEP UP!?

How about gathering some experience, read A LOT, getting to know the fora and the people first? Talk to you next christmas. :slight_smile:

if you search in this forum you will find a thread called ‘single posts’, read it, and you could also read a lot more…!

you can find the thread HERE it really is true this place has excellent quality of support and Most Questions can be answered in a minute or two by using the SEARCH it’s even quicker than starting a Thread and posting a Question.

I don’t particularly think of myself as a geek though I do love technology. LOL, funny thought though. I am a fiery red haired, middle aged albeit very attractive (see picture to the left), rock n roll metal momma freak. I got a giggle from your post - thanks! To answer you, however, keep in mind that a lot of us in the newbie forum are still learning ourselves and don’t have the answers. :slight_smile:

Even though im not the brightest bulb on the tree I feel good when and if I can help someone but sometimes life and beer get in the way. :iagree:

Ps I got several questions posted out there that have never been touched. I don’t take it personal. I figure if someone wants to answer COOL, if not thats ok to.

errr okay :stuck_out_tongue:

Horn dog :iagree:

Usually I post the same question on other forums, so it might not be answered here, but it might have been answered on other forums.