Has AnyDvD broken my powerdvd player?

Just installed the newest AnyDvD 4.??? its the first time going to the 4. version now powerdvd wont play any dvd movies at all even if i exit AnyDvD, can that be my problem ?

if so should i go back to v3.??

I do not think this problem casue by AnyDVD 4
Maybe your PowerDVD lost some dll files,you may try to re-install PowerDVD …

My problem:
With enabled AnyDVD 4041 (enable Anydvd / autostart) I can only start PowerDVD 5 manually!
With disabled AnyDVD PowerDVD starts and DVD is playing automatically.
How to fix automatically run AnyDVD and playing DVD’s with PowerDVD?
Sorry for my English.

Thanks in advance.

@ Bluefinger, Just un-select “PC-Friendly” in AnyDvD settings…

@ marlowe, have tried that m8 only other thing i have installed/updated is nero v?.?.?.25

@Da Sheep: alas, doesn’t mattter, with or without (dis)abled “PC friendly” setting, PowerDVD don’t starts the originally DVD!
Other suggestion?


I don’t think, that this problem is related to AnyDVD. Try to reinstall PowerDVD.

I’m sure Anydvd 4 has a bug with the autoplay feature ie. it doesn’t work. Regardless of whether I have PC friendly on or off my dvd’s still won’t autorun. It could just be with my burner (Pioneer A08XLA) but even after reinstalling the Anydvd software I still can’t fix it. Tweak UI makes no difference either. I have gone back to Anydvd 3 as this works fine.

Thanks for info guy’s, uninstalled newest nero and that fixed it, going back to recordnow max for me…

The same thing happened to my WinDVD; after installing ANyDVD WInDVD refuses to start automatically, I have to manually start it. I disabled the PC Friendly removal feature - I won’t remove Nero, like someone else did to fix the problem, because I love Nero and have actually taken to using Recode very much.

Is there a solution to this? I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled WinDVD & AnyDVD at least 4 times, don’t know what else I can do… :confused: