Has anybody successfully hacked a pioneer dv-636d?



well, i think the subject is pretty clear, isn't it?
so, any answer will be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hacked :confused:



y’ know… region and macrovision free…


According to them they’ve done it.

It’s done by modification of the player. You can for instance order such a mod here for the United Kingdom. I don’t know any Italian dvd mod installers.


Strange,is this a new model?I’ve not seen this model before,but I hacked my DV-343 by remote:bigsmile:
Try this,maybe it will help:
Now go all the way to the right
press ENTER on the last tab (it should NOT be on Expert Setting)
Now press DISPLAY
It will show wot region it is on.
Press CONDITION MEMORY then either 1 2 3 4 5 6 for the region you want.
Press DISPLAY again to make sure it changed.
Exit and play disc!


Oh,by the way,this approach is for common pioneer player like mine(DV343) or others (Maybe DV-636’ll do,too)
But I don’t guarantee that it’ll work appropritely.


actually, after days of browsing, i discovered that this trick, for my player, works onloy after the installation of a modchip…