Has anybody heard of these?

Hi All

These have just appeared on a UK supplier site:-

The Brand name is Gigatain


Not sure but cd-r media in uk have been sending emails trying to sell them
And the price might be a good giveaway…

source cd-r media


That where I heard of them…


That seems to be a new German brand / producer.

MID for the DVD-R media is VDSPMSAB 01 (= crap), while their DVD+R has this MID: MEDIA 001 - GIGATAIN (seems new --> most drives will probably use the default write strategy for this media). Don’t know the ATIP of the CD media yet.

Not recommended.

The media code that you refer to is only one part of the make-up of the disc, the other and probably most important part is which dye is being used. The dye used in the Gigatain discs is the “Azo” dye, they are “A” grade quality and are not to be confused with other less reliable media on the market.

Azo means insoluble (Used more as a marketing word these days), and “A” grade is a highly subjective statement(How many “B” grade discs do you see on sale?).

Discs have got nice packaging though :slight_smile:


I think what we need is an AITP reading, I cannot do this as I have a Mac…