Has anybody had trouble with backing up men in black11

tried to back up my men in black11,useing dvddecryper,at file 39 just stopped writeing image tohd. i skipped the file and it carried on,but when i tried to recover the image in instant copy it would not work.the dvd plays ok in my dvd player.any ideas. also my brian connolly just stops in dvddecrpter.mind you this dvd does freeze and unfreeze in mydvd player,so must be faulty. i have the sony multidrive the oem version,are they picky with media and is data safe good to use. at present have cheap dvd-r media monarch never heard of this media even fails at1x when imageing to hd useing dvddecrpter.colin

I ripped this a few weeks back colin and IIRC used SmartRipper and had no problems. But that was for an SVCD backup using DVD2SVCD so I did not need to select ALL the files in “File mode” for it as you do for IC7. Try it though, it may work.

I’ve had trouble myself backing up Insomnia today, even though DVD Decrypter says it is a DVD 5 1 layer movie it still misses out a file in ISO read mode and will just not play when the ISO has been burned. Had to do it the hard way in the end. lol :smiley:

thanks again,may try smart ripper if i can find it about. the file was not ressponding with dvddecrypter lazza.the discs i have bought although unrelated to this problem i suspect are not very good as out of 5 so far 3 have failed most get to the final stages with ic7, and fail when i burn to the disc about half way or less.colin

i did MIB2 2 times whit dvd2one 1.0.2
first 1 whit only the subtitle
second 1 whit everything Extra’s/Menu’s+makeiteasy4you(updating IFO’s only,cuse Ifoupdate didn’t work for me)
reduced the size of all Extra’s! so not much quality loss on movie!
Perfect working backup,only some extra’s are blocky! but a working copy whit all extra’s!
so fact is np on MIB2 :wink:

using dvd-decrypter,dvd2one,makeiteasy4you
RNM for burning
Princo’s/White labels to burn on
100% working

btw the guide was original by jobbs! and also thxs to the rest in that topic!