Has anybody had problems with the HP9110i?



I’ve had some coasters today, a lot actually, but I really don’t know if it’s the writer, the cd’s, the programs, my hard drive or just Windows (again). I get an error message from time to time, saying something like “POWER ON/ RESET OCCURED”. I can’t remember exactly cause at those times my brain ceases functioning. I’m using Philips Silver and Arita 80min cd’s, Nero, CDRWin 3.8a and Fireburner 1.3.
I got the coasters trying to burn Half-Life from an image on my HD. Anyone had similar problems? At 4x everything works great, but it can’t be the speed, my HD is a Quantum Fireball Plus KA for cryin’ out loud.
I’m going to try a format tomorrow.
Also, if I copy on-the-fly, 8x doesn’t seem to cause any problems. I haven’t tried CloneCD yet.